Nursing and Admission Question

Hello. My daughter is planning on apply to the nursing program (university park) for the class of 2025. I was looking for some advice with regards to when to apply. She has her essays ready and polished, however, she did not take her SAT yet (not sure if college board will even end up doing it/ if she will even end up sending it). She has a 4.71 weighted GPA and a 4.0 unweighted gpa. She is involved with a couple clubs and will have taken 3 AP classes when she graduates. She also goes to a very competitive public in-state high school (top 5 in PA).

Penn State is her #1 choice. I was wondering what would be recommended with regards to the admission process, as we want her to get into the nursing school, but we also want to know the decision as quick as possible (whether that be via early decision, early action, or applying regularly [on August first]).

Any advice on the date she should apply or advice regarding waiting for her to potentially take the SAT.

Thanks in advance!

Penn State doesn’t have Early Decision. The most advantageous choice is Early Action, with a deadline of November 1. Your daughter should take the SAT or ACT and submit it prior to that date if at all possible. Whether or not she has a score, she should have all of her application parts (including high school transcript) submitted prior to November 1. There is no advantage to applying earlier.

Chiming in late. I don’t anticipate that you’ll have any issues getting in based on the weighted and unweighted GPA. However nothing is guaranteed with the college of nursing. College now receives more than 3k apps and has about 160 spots in the freshmen class. Just be aware that it can take months to hear from PSU admissions. Just because you turn your app in in early August doesn’t mean you’ll hear earlier than other applicants.