Nursing Class of 2023

I am interested in applying to the college of nursing this fall, but I have a few questions. First, is it true that community service and volunteering is more important than test scores and gpa for nursing? I have decent stats (gpa: 3.85, act: 30), but I am nervous that I do not have enough volunteer experience. I have been a leadership intern at a stem based science camp, member of national honor society for 2 years, volunteer at university of Michigan hospital, leader at my church’s vacation bible school, varsity cheerleading for 2 years, and travel softball for 9 years. Do you think I would have a good chance compared to other applicants? Also, is there anything else I could do to strengthen my application?

What you have here as leadership sounds great. I would focus on maybe retaking the Act. I think that would help strengthen your application.

Thank you!