Nursing Class of 2027 (Direct Admit BSN)

Anyone heading to UMASS Amherst?


No UMASS but congrats – I love the 5 college area.

Our D is still waiting on Fairfield decision (deferred on EA round). She did a shadow day earlier this month.

She has enough merit aid to attend Molloy in Long Island. At Scranton she got the same merit aid – but it’s a more expensive school. So a couple thousand dollars difference. Both are direct admit and students start nursing first semester of freshman year.

St. Joseph’s in Brooklyn – does anyone have experience with nursing there? They gave the most merit money. They are a city campus with dorm space in an apartment building 15-20 minutes away. A very different type of experience. It could be OK, but the program is small. They take 50 students and graduate around 35. The nursing facilities look great but they are comprised of a couple suites on a floor shared with other departments. Students don’t start nursing until one class in spring of sophomore year. Less rigorous than the other programs (less chem).

Also waiting on Stony Brook and Hunters Honors programs. She is in at Hunter… but without honors neither are direct admit. Those would be our most affordable options.

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Anyone have direct experience with the following Direct Admit BSN programs?

St Anselm
University of Hartford

I know a student at U of Hartford but not in nursing. She has had a very positive experience there studying international affairs.

Our D committed to her nursing program last night!

Monmouth - admitted EA with good merit
Molloy - admitted EA with good merit
Fairfield - deferred to RD and then waitlisted
NYU - ED denied :frowning: that was a sad night!
Scranton - admitted EA with really good merit, but still the most expensive
St. Joseph’s Brooklyn - admitted with great merit
Stony Brook - denied

and… ACCEPTED to the Hunter Honors program yesterday! It’s direct admit to a cohort of 25 students who get a year of free housing, weekly seminars for career development/community building with the honors nursing advisor and free tuition.

She put down the deposit and signed up on the spot.

Best of luck to all our nursing families!!!


Hello all - my D23 has been accepted to Depaul University in Chicago into their direct entry BSN program. Depaul had a BSN program years ago, but closed it down (keeping their master’s program), and just relaunched BSN in 2022. Obviously, being a direct entry program, she is interested, but there is so little information out there since it has only recently relaunched. Anyone have any insight into Depaul nursing, or the university in general? Thanks in advance!

Here is the BSN student handbook:

Weed-out policies starting on page 10:

  • GPA < 2.5 → academic probation.
  • Grade below C+ in any course → academic probation, and course must be repeated.
  • Students on academic probation must raise GPA to 2.5 or higher with no grade below C+ the next quarter to get off of academic probation. Otherwise, dismissal from program.
  • D+ or lower grade in any course → dismissal from program.

Daughter Freshman (Long Island, NY) narrowed down to:

Florida Atlantic

Few Questions:

  1. Anybody have concerns with the UTK approach to curriculum – nursing courses delayed until spring semester of year 2?

  2. Does anyone have feedback regarding clinical experiences or overall program quality in any of the locations?

Thank you! Appreciated!