Nursing Class of 2027 (Direct Admit BSN)

Anyone have any experience with the UVA nursing program? Son is attending admitted student session next week.

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uva nursing is amazing. We toured and my d fell in love, but she didn’t get in.

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Does anyone have any feedback on UVA nursing versus UVM nursing? DD has been accepted to both and is definitely leaning towards UVA at the moment but it would great to get some more information on these programs!

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Sorry to hear that. I’m sure she’ll end up somewhere amazing. Nursing is so competitive now.

UVM has really only one main hospital nearby - right on campus. Any others would be much smaller (small state population) and not level one. So not sure of availability of clinicals in hospitals but they obviously would have nursing homes, jails, schools etc. I am a UVM grad and had friends go through “way” back lol and have had several of my children’s friend go through and my oldest was accepted but did not go in part because of the lack of hospitals up there (he went in NH with Boston area hospitals abundant). That said, UVM Nursing is a very good program and you would come out well prepared - they also have very nice dorms (per recent grad). While I am unfamiliar with UVA (other than it most likely is a more competitive program as UVA is a more difficult school to get into) either program would be great. Where does your child want to work/live when they get out of school? Often it is easier to get a job if you have worked locally nursing and gone to school local - although for Nursing it is not a huge challenge but for things like summer work or when they get out of school - residency programs when they graduate schools may be more familiar and comfortable hiring a local grad versus one from far away. Just impressions-good luck both are awesome!

From research we did, UVM offers about 600 clinical hours. UVA offers 1060.
Case is at 1300 which is the most.

Not surprised. Good info. Case is an amazing program - niece grad from there a few years ago - worked at the Cleveland Clinic and as a travel nurse - so well taught she went back to school to be a medical doctor and Case has given her a great background in all things medical.

We visited Deckers last week. The health building is fairly new. The simulation labs are pretty advanced. The clinicals are within 10 min from the campus. We drove through 3 hospitals, Binghamton General, Wilson, and Our Lady of Lourdes. They are on the smaller side located in both Binghamton and Johnson City.


We have to visit but they sent us information about the clinicals. First year they start off in nursing homes. Then to these local hospitals then could be syracuse. Other options my dd is considering have hospitals right on or fairly close to campus.

Hello- My neighbor just graduated from Decker last year- she really loved it, did well, making over $100K in a community hospital right out of school…!
Binghamton is a very tough admission across the board… but we noticed when we were going through this process last year, I was amazed that the weed-out gpa was super low like 2.0… I think it’s a very intense, science-heavy program. My hubby is an alum (bio undergrad) and recalls that Decker was known as a fantastic program even 30 years ago.

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I just got into Quinnipiac! It is a really great program. I visited the building and it is absolitely beautiful!


Would you mind sharing your stats? I know so many things go into an acceptance but the more you know…

honestly I was shocked I got in
27 ACT
about 3.4 UW gpa (4 APs)
Internship at hospital this past summer(40 hours)
Shadowed at very esteemed hospital
worked at coffee shop
20+ volunteer hours
(in the 90’s for both of my anatomy classes)

Many EC: Head of mental health organization, Head of acappella group, 4 years of choir, theater prefect, music prefect, freshman dorm prefect (I go to boarding school), Open mic head, Diversity and Inclusion member, Sustainability committee,

AED, first aid and CPR certified

Congratulations – I heard Quinnipiac is beautiful!
Our daughter has narrowed down the list to the following DA programs (including total costs w any merit):
*can you help with supportive info / critiques?! TY

Elon (51K)
(new program, private school appealing, is it worth the additional costs)

FAU (33k)
(location outstanding, cost appealing, how is the organization/overall program – haven’t seen much feedback)

Miami of Ohio (38k)
(new nursing learning spaces, polished campus, lacks diversity, remote location)

Penn State (51k)
(remote location, is it worth the additional costs)

Purdue (37k)
(cost appealing, presented as quality well-organized program, long distance clinicals, remote location)

Pitt (57k)
(Outstanding in many ways, is it worth the extra $$)

Cincinnati (37k)
(easier to get to than other schools, solid program, co-op approach may support career, suspect area/housing)

Tennessee (38k)
(don’t know much about program - need to learn more, appealing campus and big school atmosphere, is there a restrictive maintenance criteria)

Any feedback is appreciated!!!
We have visited all as follows:

  • General Info session and campus tour
    all schools

  • Nursing session and Nursing Tour
    Purdue, Pitt

Please share any feedback and also any word on any nursing info sessions at the others that you may know about…

Related considerations:

  • travel from Long Island, NY
  • location and quality of clinicals
  • costs
  • GPA maintenance criteria


I have heard amazing things about all of those programs! I didn’t get into the main Pitt campus for nursing and I got into Penn state but not for nursing. I have heard amazing things about Pittsburgh. Great big college feel and still an incredible university. It is in the city so I think clinicals would be relatively close by. I applied to Elon and I am hearing back soon!

Has anyone attended the admitted nursing student day at Michigan? If so, what were your impressions?

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Does that Pitt price include the increases in tuition for next year? I know their official prices do not come out till summer but I heard that the estimated costs for next year were showing a decent increase for both tuition as well as room and board?

Just got back from a weekend at Elon. Was able to spend some time with the Nursing professors. I was VERY impressed. My son walked away VERY sure of his decision to go to Elon. He got into 8 other direct programs. The program is new but the entire school is dedicated to each student succeeding. Since they already had a PA program they already had relationships with many local hospitals and clinics.


My daughter finalized Simmons university (BSN Nursing), Boston.
Thanks .


Pitt is a top notch program with plenty of clinical opportunities on campus or easy access with public transportation.

PSU is also excellent but you’ll probably spend one year at Hershey. There’s a trade off. My wife’s first job was at Hershey. Fantastic experience. That said, I’m not sure how much access students get for clinicals. They might hop around to other nearby facilities.

That said, where you get your degree doesn’t really matter. Clinical experience and passing boards is the key.

If money is no issue then go for it but I wouldn’t pay $20k more per year. Then look at commuting options. How easy is it to get to PSU or Miami?

Cincinnati could be a good option. I lived there briefly and enjoyed the city. I think there’s plenty of clinical opportunities. They also have a Children’s Hospital.

Full disclosure I’m a Pitt grad and wife is a long time CRNA.