Nursing FSU UWF or USF

Hello. I’m trying to decide on where to go for nursing. I was accepted to FSU, UWF and USF and all three I’m really happy with. But they are all different. I’m worried UWF is too far from home, I live in Tampa. I like FSU but worried it’s too big and not personable and I can get lost there. And I like USF but I applied early with not so good test scores and only got in for the Spring, they said they would reevaluate me but not until the end of March. So I’m leaning toward UWF and FSU. There’s not a forum on UWF, so posting here. I’ve visited them both and actually both are really nice. I’m a female, pretty social, but not a big drinker or partier. I do think I’d like to join a sorority which both schools offer. Any advice? Thank you!

I’d recommend FSU. I’ve never heard of UWF. FSU is very strong academically and has everything you could want. If you rush and find “your group” in a sorority, it won’t seem as big and impersonal.

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Thank you. It’s funny how no one knows about UWF. It’s in Pensacola FL and was actually pretty nice. Thanks for your advice on FSU. It’s really hard to make a decision.

If USF said they would reevaluate you at the end of March, why do you need to make a decision now? You have until May 1. You can still research and visit the institutions, but you haven’t been denied from your top choice. If USF truly is your #1, wait a little bit more than month and you will likely know if it’s an option for next fall.