Nursing Out of State

<p>I am a high school senior looking at Kansas. Kansas looks fantastic, but I heard that nursing students has to move their second year if accepted. Is that true? If so, how far from campus do you live away from? Are you still able to participate in Greek life and events on campus? Is it worth going out of state for?</p>

<p>Well, I am looking at KU for the J-School (also OOS) and I know that the nursing students DO move to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, KS. KCKS is about 25 minutes from Lawrence. I am not sure if the students live at the Lawrence campus still. The only people who really live in dorms at KU are freshman and some sophomores while the rest live in houses or apartments surrounding the school. Most juniors and seniors live in the aforementioned off campus housing, or commute from the metro are. You CAN still live on campus, but most don’t and I doubt the nursing students would. </p>

<p>For me, KU is completely worth going Out of State. I do have many family members living in Olathe or Kansas City Kansas. </p>

<p>Ok whoops my phone seems to think that travel time from KU to KCKS is actually about 35 minutes. </p>

<p>thank you!</p>

<p>We dropped our daughter off last week for her freshman year at KU. We are also out of state. We visited the College of Nursing during orientation. You apply during your 2nd year and, if accepted, most students move and live in the Kansas City, Kansas area, near the KU Medical Center for their junior and senior year. All classes are held there at the medical center. The competition for entry into the Nursing program is fierce, average GPA of accepted students was 3.5 minimum and they look at a lot of other criteria for acceptance such as volunteer activities, etc. It only accepts 105 students and they get over 300 applicants a year. It is a very strong program. </p>