Nursing program at WSU and BSU

My D wants to get her BSN at4 yr school. She wants the freshman dorm experience, greek life, med-big school. GPA 3.6 and SAT 1170. Welive in CA and state schools are very hard to get into nursing, as are most public schools across country. With WUE she is considering WSU & BSU for reduced cost out of state. Does anyone have first hand knowledge/experience at either school for nursing. Curious about difficulty getting into programs, getting classes as pre-nursing or health science major fresh/soph years. Also considering NAU but they say their BSN is mostly online and requires driving to different sites 3-5 days week?? Thanks for any/all advice or other schools to consider.

Picocrissy I think you would be better to post this in the nursing forum.
We are also from CA with a d with similar stats wanting to do nursing. I don’t believe either of the schools you mention are direct admit for nursing. The nursing forum has a full list. There are also good threads from CA parents who write about the schools their kids applied to.

I believe the only pre nursing WUE school is Reno Nevada. Many others don’t discount the nursing major . With tuition and room and board you are looking at about $22k. At Reno none of the pre nursing classes are impacted but I believe it can be v tough to get from pre into nursing. They do offer a BS in Community Health and then you could apply to do their accelerated 18 month or 1 year BSN.
There are v few direct admit courses in the Western States and we have found it v difficult as there is so much competition so GPA and ACT scores are very high and most of the schools are Also smaller than your daughter is seeking.
You may want to look at Creighton in Nebraska and we got v good aid from Xavier (but it’s still coming in around 35k) . PLU offers good scholarships.
She also applied to several schools in PA York offered her 10k so it brought tuition and board down to $25k.
Best of luck