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Hi! I want to major in nursing for undergraduate college. I was wondering which of the following schools have good nursing programs (to become an RN): Wake Forest, Cal Poly, UNC Chapel Hill, Vanderbilt, Villanova, Notre Dame, UVA, GeogeTown, Baylor, & Davidson. Also do you have any other undergraduate schools that have a good nursing programs? Thanks so much!

Neither Cal Poly SLO or Pomona offer nursing programs. What is your Home state? What are your Stats? If in-state California, look at SDSU/CSULB/UCI/UCLA.

Im from California. I have a 34 on my ACT & a 4.3-4.4(5.0 scale) & 4.0(4.0 scale)

does Wake Forest have a nursing program?

I would look at direct admit programs such as SDSU/UCI/UCLA/ASU since you have very competitive Stats.

okay thank you! I know I’ve asked this, but do you know if wake forest has a nursing major or nursing program

also whats a direct admit program?

Direct admit programs mean that you are already accepted into the nursing program at the university versus going into a university as a pre-nursing student, taking the pre-req classes and then applying for the nursing program after 2 years.
According to their website, Wake Forest does not have a nursing program.

Here is a list of pass rates for California nursing programs.

okay thank you! & also how does the nursing program at vanderbilt work? do they have a direct program?

If you scroll down this nursing forum, you will find the thread " Master list of direct entry programs". Go to the very last page, you will see a list of colleges.

Wake Forest is not on the list. But always go to the college website to confirm.

Vanderbilt does not offer a Traditional BSN program. They have the graduate nursing program and the Accelerated BSN ( not for high school students). Accelerated BSN is for people with a bachelor degree looking to go into nursing.

UNC Chapel Hill is a pre- nursing program, not direct admit.
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Look down the list and you can see the thread.

@happygirl1234 I suggest you look at the most updated list on this thread.

I’m going to be a freshman nursing student at Adelphi Universify next year and I used this exact list to become familiar with direct entry nursing programs. I first narrowed schools down by distance, & then I looked at SAT/ACT score requirements, location, diversity ratio, etc. It’ll take you a while to research schools but it’s good that you’re starting now. Good luck & let me know if you have more questions!! :slight_smile:

@happygirl1234 The list of direct entry nursing programs will help you narrow down schools but you’ll still have to do research on each of the schools you’re interested in. Double check that it’s direct entry and look at the other requirements. Each school is different and you’ll probably be able to cancel out a bunch by doing more research. I suggest looking up the college on collegeboard, niche, cappex, etc. as well as visiting the school’s website. Checking out the rankings will help too so you can see how well of a reputation the school has. I don’t know a whole lot about the schools you mentioned but there are a bunch of threads on here about many of them, so I would read them. Also, just letting you know that there are way more direct entry nursing programs on the east coast than the west coast.

thanks so much!

thank you!

what are the top undergraduate colleges w direct admit nursing programs