Nursing transfer from ccc to cal states

hello! I am wondering what are my chances of getting into SJSU, SDSU, CSULA, CSUSB,CSUEB, CSULB as a nursing transfer. I still have one more nursing pre-req which is microbio which plan on taking it this fall. I also will be getting a second degree in psychology (don’t know if that would make a difference). I will be applying this fall for the fall 2021 application.
current gpa as of May (this may for the better I hope!!)

Gpa: 3.52
teas: will do soon.
if anyone has a similar gpa average as me and have gotten accepted to any of the schools mentioned above , please let me know!!. also, please include your teas score(s) if you can (:


For SJSU, transfer applicants for fall 2020 who completed five course requirements needed a 3.50 GPA to be admitted.

Thresholds were different in past years, and could change in future years:

Once at SJSU as a pre-nursing student, you would have to pass through another competitive admission process to get into the nursing major:

Note that the RN-to-BSN program is much less competitive (see above pages with transfer student admission thresholds by major).

@ucbalumnus, thank you so much for the information!! I will be reading through the sources you provided!