Does anyone know the average SAT/ACT scores and GPA for accepted nursing students?
Also, when does the application open for fall 2018?
I’m going to be visiting Duquesne this summer, I’m so excited! I think this may be the school for me

My daughter was accepted with a 1380.

I got an 1150 on my January SAT. I’m definitely retaking it in May and taking the ACT in April. Is 1150 good enough to be accepted though? I saw on their website that 1080 was the minimum score to be considered and 3.0 was the minimum gpa (mine is higher)
I’m taking a lot of IB/AP classes, volunteering, in a lot of extracurriculars, and I’m going to take classes to be a CNA next year

My student accepted with a VERY GENEROUS academic scholarship with 1380 SAT and 31 ACT and two summer hospital internships and great resume. Graduating this year and has had a wonderful four years with great clinical opportunities and has enjoyed the burgh! The program is rigorous, and all nursing books and tests are electronic which prepare you well for HESIs and NCLEX, and the staff and faculty are kind and caring and very approachable. There are many social opportunities on campus and the city life is a bonus! If you can drive in Pittsburgh, you can drive anywhere. The new president is making a huge difference. He is highly visible and interacts with students on campus and attends most of the events. He is much better than the old president!

My daughter decided on Case Western’s nursing school. Better aid, higher ranked program, 1300 clinical hours. She loved Pittsburgh, but didn’t want the debt load that came with the PA program, which came through with a seat right after Case’s letter arrived.