NU's Host for Music Theatre Supplement is out of business

Has anyone else figured out how to deal with this? The link for NU’s Music Theatre Supplement takes you to a DecisionDesk page – which asks you to create an account. When my S tried to create an account, he kept getting an error message. He emailed DecisionDesk and got a reply that DecisionDesk is out of business and not supporting their site any longer. Has anyone contacted NU to see how they want applicants to submit MT Supplement materials?

They just updated their website and said they are using “slideroom” now. However, in uploading every video it is making me fill in a description for both the “personal statement video” and “performance videos” although each video is either one or the other. Anyone know what to put in these description boxes? Thank you.

My a my S just repeated the information- or expanded if the first box was too limited. You have to put something in all the boxes.