Nut allergy at McGill University


Does anyone know how undergrads manage a nut allergy at McGill University?

  1. Meals: on their website, it says no cafeteria is nut-free, and that students concerned about allergies should consider a residence without a mandatory meal plan. Do you know whether ingredients are prominently listed for each dish, or do students need to ask? How helpful are cafeteria staff in answering questions about nuts in food?

  2. Residences: are there nut-free residences, or any effort made to pair allergic undergrads together to create nut-free rooms?

Any advice is welcome.
Thank you.

My D attended McGill, and she has a severe peanut and nut allergy. She was in New Rez her first year. She explained her allergies and concerns on the residence application form and she was paired with another student with a nut allergy (roomates) The floor “don” was aware of their allergy. There was no problems with their food or allergy management as they both asked about the ingredients in the food served at the cafeterias. Hope this helps.

Another option would be to live at Solin Hall. It is apartment style residence so she would have to prepare her meals. She can put a request on her application. Only problème is Solin is off campus and require a metro ride! My D wanted this and was happy there!