Nutmeg Scholarship 2020

Did anyone else get a call about the interview? For those who were considered in years past, what was your experience like? Does anyone know how many students are being considered or how many will eventually be selected?

Also, good luck to everyone and go Huskies!

Hi! CONGRATS! I got a call back for Day of Pride Scholarship! Ive heard its standard scholarship questions. What date is your interview?

@dannearesttenth December 7th. It sounded like they were doing all of the nutmeg ones the same day. Congrats to you and good luck!

Same! and yes, good luck!

We should communicate to see when decisions are

My kid went through the interview process last year and had decision before Christmas. Congrats and good luck!

Additionally, we found out the result via snail mail and I believe they select 15 students a year for the scholarship.

I figure I’ll give a quick overview of the day for those browsing the forums in future years. Everyone I met throughout the day (admissions officers, current students, other prospective students and their parents) were extremely smart and kind; I had a great experience and I’m definitely more psyched about UConn than ever!

The day was probably 80%+ about selling us on the school, as opposed to evaluating us for the scholarship. We started with a general presentation on the school/Honors program, then we split by intended school (engineering, business, A&S, etc) for school-specific presentations. Then parents listened to a presentation about different academic paths and a panel of current Nutmeg/Day of Pride students. Meanwhile, kids went to a separate room where we were able to ask questions of current Nutmeg/Day of Pride students in small groups. This part was super informal, as there were no admissions officers present and the students were very forthcoming about their experiences. Periodically, we were called for the actual interview. Afterwards, parents and kids were reunited and invited for an informal (and free!) lunch in the dining hall with many of the current students and admissions officers.

Each interview was half an hour in length and held with two admissions officers, who were super nice. They asked pretty standard interview questions and obvious follow ups based on the answers given. It was much more of a conversation than any of the other interviews I’ve had to date.

There were twenty students interviewing for the Nutmeg scholarship and twenty for the Day of Pride scholarship, but everyone was grouped together throughout the day. The implication seemed to be that the majority of students invited to interview would ultimately receive the scholarship, but I guess we’ll see in a couple of weeks! They said that we would receive our decisions by early January at the latest (by both email and regular mail), but all of the current students said they had received their decisions by Christmas. Congratulations and good luck!

Hey! I was also at the interview on Dec. 7. I honestly expected them to get back to us today but I got nothing. Anyone have any estimates as to when we’ll hear back?

Hi, my daughter was there on the 7th also. No word yet. Hopefully before Christmas. Good luck.

Hi my sister interviewed the Monday after and no reply here either. Do they email u if ur rejected?

I just heard back today through a status update on my UCONN portal!

HI, same here for my daughter. Congrats.

Yeah I heard today as well! So excited!

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Yay! Anyone else interested?

I don’t wanna put my @ here haha, but if you’re interested go on the page @uconn2024 and like the oldest pic, I’ll know it’s you!

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