Nutmeg Scholarship 2021

Has anyone heard about interviews for the Nutmeg Scholarship or when finalists will be notified?

Yes, I got a call for an interview on Tuesday for Nutmeg. My friend got a Day of Pride call on Monday

My kid went through this process a few years ago. Interviewed first weekend of December and we heard the results before Christmas. Wonderful scholarship. Good luck!

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Do you know what number they called from? Was it an Unknown caller? I received a phone call and voicemail on Tuesday but I can’t access it.

They called from 860-4**-1477. This was my house phone and it displayed as UNIV OF CT. It was at 3:08 pm. My friend got his call from his cell phone and it said Unknown Caller for him. If u think they might have called u should either really try and access that call or contact them and just ask about your standing. Good luck!

They said they would send an email out (which I have not received yet), so you might get one if that call was UConn.

I should note that the results came via snail mail in our case.

Hi! Has anyone heard any updates?

The results came out today actually

UConn sent an email notifying candidates that their status had been updated.

For Nutmeg or Day of Pride?

Nutmeg received notice. I don’t have information about Day of Pride.

My child was applied for nutmeg. Do you have any notion as to when students will be contacted for interview? This means a lot to our family.
We are on pins and needles; any advice or information?
Thank you!!

Congratulations to your family! Its a wonderful scholarship and I wish you the best of luck through the process. Its been a few years now, but as I recall interviews were conducted in early December and we had heard the results before Christmas. Our child was called at home and asked to interview, but I don’t recall how far in advance that call came before the interview was conducted, but it was at least a week beforehand. Uconn has been a wonderful experience for us so far with a lot of opportunities for those with initiative.

Thank you.
Time does fly and I can’t believe we are at college stage.
Congratulations on your son’s success!! That is just so wonderful.
I do see some of these potential opportunities already. Such a fantastic scholarship…

Looking at posts from 2020, it appears that phone calls came Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and notification before December holidays.
But I don’t know what that means for this year, and my son is thinking if he doesn’t receive call this Tues, then he didn’t get it.
As you can see, the suspense is driving us crazy :rofl:
Thank you again for your reply and recollection!

Thanks! I remember the days of waiting. It was no fun…but everything works out in the end! Again best of luck!

Any news yet? Its driving me crazy waiting!

He didn’t make interview…his guidance counselor thought he had a strong chance, so our hopes were up and we are pretty disappointed;
Thank you for all your support and feedback.
I haven’t told him yet…

I hope you were called, Graciegirl!!
I was told all those to be interviewed had been successfully contacted. I am so hoping that you were one of those called…
If you were not called, be kind to yourself. To be nominated you must be amazing! Hold on to that.

No I wasnt contacted sadly :frowning:
Very disappointed…