Nuttiest letter that I have ever received from Admissions by Alfred U

<p>I emailed Alfred University to ask for a college catalog that they provide. Two and one half weeks later, I emailed them again after not receiving the catalog. They responded with ," Sorry for the delay in the receipt of your catalog. We send out catalogs when we get a total of 75 requests in order to save money...."</p>

<p>Is it me? Is this the most brain dead marketing decision that you have seen a college do? Here we, as parents, are considering taking a tour of the school, and this idiotic school waits weeks to send us information in order to save pennies! Don't they realize that if they get one extra interested student, they would get an extra 100K or so in revenue over 4 years? I can't fathom their decision to do this. It is inexplicable. This is what happens when you let the accountant control the decision making and marketing process.</p>

<p>I did laugh, sorry, it is not funny if you need the catalog. I have a Q, how do you plan on getting your D home from there on holidays? The kids are seem happy at Alfred.</p>

<p>I guess you are interested bcs they have a great ceramic artistry program there I think.</p>

<p>Actually, I was checking out out their expanded media/grpahic design concentration.</p>