I just have few question about being a CPA in specific states, NY and CT.
I got into Binghamton University in accounting major and Uconn in accounting major.
Which school is better for accounting career? and I am living in CT and I actually am awarded from Connecticut Society of CPAs and i might have a chance for some scholarship if i am attending college in CT. Anyway, do you think I will have better chance for Big 4 in CT? or would it be same in NY?
Can some people help me out here?</p>

<p>ps i am attending Bing next year
i do not care about tuition. all i care is having chance for Big 4 later</p>

<p>I'd say NY... plus it sounds like you're already going to binghamton univ. so might as well stick with that...</p>

<p>Contact the big 4 firms in your state. Speak with personnel and find out if they interview on campus. If not that is an issue because the schools they visit will supply most of the incoming class. Also find out about the number of hires they generally have each year. I would think that in NY it would be more competitive but the offices are larger and you have national offices in some cases. I was with Coopers on the west coast and they had around 550 professional staff in my office. </p>

<p>If they don’t hire from your school then find out about how you could get your information in front of them. Be creative and professionally aggressive. They will respect this approach and it may get your foot in the door. I know that if I were the hiring authority I would want someone that was hustling to get the job. Just make sure you are come off as intelligent and professional. Also consider reading the old book called the “Big Eight.” It is still valid as to what the “firm” wants. It is still about blue suits and wing tips. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. There are still too many old school folks running those firms. Also each firm has its own personality and each office can be different. Some are more social and look for smart folks with great personalities and some are more technically orientated. Find out about the respective office by contacting some of your friends and if you don’t have any then find out from networking.</p>