NY students applying to CAS

<p>Do NY Students have an "easier" time getting into Cornell's non-contract colleges because so many apply to the contracts? I've just been wondering this, maybe there are some previous NY applicants to CAS and Engineering who could enlighten me. </p>

<p>The way I see it is that because of the higher price tag, people who apply to CAS really are passionate about their studies (I'm not stereotyping, but you have to admit that some people from NY just apply to the contracts for the hell of it, or just want to go to an ivy for "less" of a price even if they don't necessary enjoy what they are going to study). Also, because of the sheer students applying to the contracts from NY compared to CAS, Cornell wants diversity by accepting these new york students for CAS.</p>

<p>Though I would like to think it is, I don't think your logic is necessarily true or manifests itself in admissions data/results.</p>

<p>I agree, If a lot of kids apply to contract colleges from new york, I am sure a lot of kids from new york also apply to the college of arts and sciences( it is one of Cornell's most popular colleges, and it recieves 1/2 of all of Cornell's applications..)</p>

<p>If anything NY students have the hardest chances, because if contract colleges take a lot of new york kids(since they are required to), then wouldn't Cornell want to use the College of Arts and Sciences (the one that is not a contract school) to take out-of-state kids, so that the overall geographic diversity of Cornell is balenced?</p>