NY Times: At Danksgiving, There’s No Need to Go Outside for a Smoke

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Not at our table. CBS Sunday morning reported on this. too.

I will be a guest for Thanksgiving at a table that incudes a middle school and a high school student, so not there either!


Smoking of any kind (or inhaling aerosols) is a slow death to the lung tissue. It is like taking a cigarette to a balloon. Not in my house.


None at our table. Whether or not some of the adult guests choose to partake on their own without others knowing is their business, though, since we live in a rec-legal state.


Lol. We don’t even drink alcohol at ours. No we are not religiously or otherwise opposed. We just have little interest.


People can go outside and smoke anything they want (legally in my state). They’re not taking one puff in my house-- tobacco, pot, or anything else that produces smoke.


I am thinking about purchasing edibles when I am in MA–no smoking! I quit smoking cigarettes 34 years ago and never going back!


Please report back! :slight_smile:

Will do!

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What’s to report? It’s like buying almost anything else, although I guess I had to show my driver’s license. I don’t live in Massachusetts, and I’ve never liked marijuana, but when I broke my shoulder a couple of years ago I was desperate for pain relief, and tried everything, including edibles. (Did nothing for the pain btw, but then, nothing did, really).

I think the request for report will be about consumption, not acquisition :slight_smile: .


That’s right. :slight_smile:

A few years ago DS brought some edibles on Thanksgiving (legal here). All was fine for dinner, but I was a mess a few hours after. S said he should have given me half. I also had two glasses of wine, so that may have contributed. I had done edibles before, but not for a very long time. So my advice is to start small and remember it takes a while to kick in.

Always be careful when taking edibles for the first time since you don’t know what your tolerance will be. They are legal here and we have some that are specifically to help with sleep and they really do help. I think they are so much better than taking a prescription sleeping pill or Advil PM all of the time.

Ok so I purchased this:

I ate two yesterday after my long ride home from MA to Brooklyn. Two was too much! I think they won’t be an everyday thing, but I have had nights when I could not turn off thinking about overdue documentation at work (I am a therapist at a community mental health clinic), and I think one would be a huge help, much better than wasting time tossing and turning!