NYC Edition - What College for Computer Science major?

So far, I’ve gotten into these schools with Computer Science as major.

  1. City College of New York - Macaulay & City College Honors
  2. University at Buffalo
  3. University at Albany

Still waiting:

  1. Stony Brook University
  2. Binghamton University

In the event that Stony does accept me, I’m left with the choice of whether to commit to Macaulay Honors at CCNY, Stony, or U Buffalo.

Tuition-wise, Macaulay would be free and SUNY’s would be around 7k.

Anyone got any thoughts on Macaulay vs SUNY, please help.

It depends on what you are looking for. Assume you’d be living at home and commuting for Macaulay ? Different experience than living in a dorm. And cheaper- SUNY tuition around 7K but can your family afford for you to dorm?

yeah tuition is no problem. I didn’t account for scholarships yet but with scholarships it’ll almost be free as well

I think Stonybrook may be better because it easier to get internships in NYC due to proximity. Buffalo is far away. Also Stonybrook CS is better ranked. I am not sure the same logic applies to CCNY though.