NYC Tech Campus...

<p>Very interesting competition continuing to heat up as Stanford drops out of the race leaving only four schools left for the future NYC tech campus. Exciting times!</p>

<p>Cornell</a> Gets $350 Million Gift for Bid for City Campus, and Stanford Bows Out -</p>

<p>There have been multiple reports since yesterday about Stanford's withdrawal. The implication of the above headline is that the 350million donation from the Israeli partner company with Cornell was the cause. </p>

<p>Additional reports that NYC tried to get Stanford to up their bid is the more likely reason. Nobody really believes Stanford couldn't raise the money.</p>

<p>AP</a> source: Cornell U wins NYC campus competition - Technology -</p>

<p>Stanford gets schooled in NYC. Arrogance maybe??</p>

<p>Stanford's</a> Dream of 'Silicon Valley II' Dissolves Into Angry Recriminations - Government - The Chronicle of Higher Education</p>

<p>Good for Cornell and NYC. </p>

<p>And, good for Stanford.</p>