Nyit bs/do 2021

I have gotten accepted into NYIT BS/DO program. I was wondering if anyone else has. Let me know!

My daughter is accepted to this program

I got accepted a few months ago.

GPA: 3.7/4 3.812/4.33
ACT: 33 (35 English, 28 math, 36 reading, 33 science)
10 aps + 9 execs

Are you planning to commit to the program?

Did you do any extracurriculars?
I am a freshman in hugh school and I am interested in this program. Do you have any advice?

What are your stats?

My top choice rn is the BS/MD at Hofstra, but I was waitlisted from there so I may or may not get a seat. If I don’t get into Hofstra, then I will probably commit to NYIT but still apply to med school through aamc

I did research at Hofstra, 160 hours of volunteer at a hospital, part of 3-4 clubs at my school related to science and healthcare, and was an editor for my schools paper, and this totaled to 10 activities which is the max you can put on the common app. My best advice would be to obviously get the best gpa and sat/act score you can get and take the hardest classes you can handle. Also, definitely do research and volunteering at a hospital/clinic nearby. These two activities are the most important to get into any BS/MD or BS/DO program and starting them freshman year and continuing them throughout high school will look amazing. Finally, make yourself well balanced in your activities and get involved in journalism, media, and other things outside of medicine. The whole point of doing these activities is to see if medicine is the career for you and also so that you have some good experiences to talk about in supplemental essays. Good luck to you!

Thank you!

What are your stats (SAT, ACT, gps, extracurriculars, etc)?

What are your stats?

I am currently looking for a female roommate to stay at an off-campus apartment. DM me for questions if you’re interested!.

My GPA was 3.8 unweighted. I did not submit my SAT/ACT scores since I did not get the opportunity to take them. I took 7 AP classes in total. I took part in many school and outside activities as such volunteering at the hospital, scientific research, Science Olympiad, Key Club, tutoring kids and so much more. It is best to have science related activities as well as activities which are not related to science because these programs want to students who are a well-rounded person. You can get involved in journalism, media and etc.

Congrats on your acceptance! If you would like to be friends, feel free to dm me :slight_smile:

Could you share your story, stats, and advice on the BS/DO General Thread.
I’m trying get the thread started, but I have no replies.

Thanks for sharing!

I had a 33 composite on the ACT, 3.7 unweighted and 3.8/4.33 weighted. I also took a total of 10 AP’s and scored a 4+ on all of them except for 2, and did research, hospital volunteering, and clubs for multiple years

Sure when I have some time I will definitely

Thanks for the info!
In your opinion, what are the average stats (scores, gpa, extracurriculars) of people getting into NYIT BS/DO program?
(Just so I know what to aim for)