NYIT BS/DO Progarm Quality

I just received the acceptance for NYIT BS/DO PROGRAM. Can somebody (possibly a current BS/DO student) enlighten regarding the quality of the program. The most important information I am looking forward to is:
Approximately How many students NYIT accepts into BS/DO program each year
How many drops out in 3 years and how many eventually enters to NYCOM
What kind of support is provided by Pre med advisor/s
Is there any possibility that even after meeting all the requirements you may be denied admission to NYCOM, just because NYIT had too many students in their BS/DO program.

Currently in the program. NYIT usually accepts around 50-55 kids in their program each year… my year is a little less around 43. They guarantee like 60 seats for NYCOM so as long as you meet all the requirements you should be fine.
There is a high dropout rate due to kids either not being able to maintain the GPA requirements or mainly the MCAT requirement. Some people willingly drop out the program because they decide they want to apply elsewhere (MD schools, mostly) and have the grades for it.
Support for the advisors are decent, there are meetings every month for BS/DO students.

Hey tinker bell do u know how many applications they receive each year and how many are called for an interview. Also does sunny new paltz and genes I also accept 50bs/do kids? Also do u think I have a chance 3.56 gpa 33act

And a 4.6 weighted gpa

When I applied to the program, I got to speak with one of the main admission counselors for the program, and he said that as long as you have a 90+ GPA and a 1200+ SAT score, you are basically guaranteed to get in the program. So there really is no cap on how many people can get accepted; it is just a matter of how many students end up enrolling. The entering class of 2013 and 2015 had around 40-45, but 2014 had around 70 so that year, there was a high attrition rate. Our program advisor, Prof. Diener, IS AMAZING. We are so lucky to have her and she will do anything to help her BS/DO kiddos, so she is an invaluable resource, especially with all of us getting prepared to take the new MCAT soon. If you need info. about attrition from year to year, Diener is the person to talk to. I don’t want to put her email here just in case people decide to send spam to her, so just look her up and you’ll find her contact info. :slight_smile: For the most part, BS/DO students are extremely helpful and older students will always be willing to pass down info. and old tests/quizzes so you will have peer support in the program as well. Tbh, classes at NYIT aren’t the most rigorous (except for the first year bio courses) so there should be no reason to get kicked out the first year (according to other students) if you honestly work hard and medicine is your true passion.
So there are rumors that the BS/DO programs at SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Geneseo, and SUNY Old Westbury accept less students, but take them with a grain of salt. One of my family members is a freshman in the program at SUNY Old Westbury (which claims to only take 10 students each year) but she said there are 39 students in her year as of now. So like with NYIT, it’s just a matter of how many people end up accepting the spots. The programs with the SUNY schools are for sure a little more competitive to get into, but not by much. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the GPA requirement for the SUNY OW program is just 92+. Also, since the NYIT BS/DO program is more well known, by default, there are usually more students in that program.
If you would be commuting to OW, consider applying to both the SUNY OW and NYIT programs because the cost would be significantly lower at SUNY OW. However, if you’re dorming (as in in-stater), the costs for the programs would be about the same. NYIT does not currently have its own dorms, so they use SUNY OW’s old residence halls for their students. It’s about a 15 minute commute because the campuses are both so big and the entrances are so far from each other.
Another thing to keep in mind is that NYIT is known for being a Desi school (international+Desis who grew up here). If you are brown (as most of the NYIT program is) and would like cultural events, then NYIT’s program would be good for you. If you’re not brown/middle eastern, it may be harder to connect with the other students (From what I’ve noticed, so again take it with a grain of salt). Since the BS/DO programs belong to NYIT-COM, a good reason to come to the NYIT program would be to have students who have made it through the program themselves on your very own campus.
If you end up matriculating to the NYIT program, join the BS/DO FB page (for students who are ACTUALLY in the program, NOT for students who are just admitted to the program) and ask if anyone can contact you with information about which teachers to take and everything. Hopefully this helps!
Side Note: Yeah at times, NYIT can be a sucky school for reasons I won’t elaborate on, but getting to go to NYIT-COM is an honor because it’s a great medical school with amazing faculty!

Amazing and SUNY…can’t imagine those two words in the same sentence.

are you fine with getting a DO rather than an MD? If you are absolutely happy about that with no regrets, then the program is excellent for you. The program is not for you if you start doing really well in undergrad and do well on the MCAT and say to yourself darn I should’ve applied to a better medical school because undergrad is not as hard as I thought it was. Just a word of caution.