NYIT BS/DO Program?

Hello everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has recently, preferably in the past year or two, gotten accepted into NYIT’s 7 years BS/DO program for medicine. NYIT only provides the minimum stats needed but I was curious as to the actual stats of people who got in. I’m interested in applying to their program since I live near NYIT and am interested in medicine but I have no idea how my scores match up with accepted students. If anyone has recently been accepted into their program, please share your high school stats (GPA, test scores, ap, execs, etc)! Thanks!

My stats:
GPA: 3.8 UW 4.0 W (4.33. scale) (top 1% of class of about 350 students)
ACT: 32 composite (32 all 4 sections)
AP’s: World History, American History, Physics 1, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish Language, English Language, Psychology, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics
Courseload: Pretty much all honors and AP’s, my only “regular” classes are classes I have to take for graduation.
Execs: -160 volunteer hours at a hospital (leadership + presidential service award)
-neuroscience research in a hospital research lab
-model un club
-assistant librarian at my local library
-going to be a lifeguard this summer as well as tutoring

I have no idea how qualified I am for NYIT’s program. Please let me know if I have a chance!


I haven’t applied to this program because I’d rather go to an MD school and did not like NYIT campus, but I think you will definitely get in. I know 3 people who applied with significantly lesser stats (including lower scores/GPA and barely any medical-related ECs) and got in. I don’t get the impression that this is nearly as competitive a program relative to the BS/MDs that are out there. Usually, 50+ students on average end up enrolling according to what I’ve heard.

Take a look at this thread, there’s some valuable info about the program and the admission stats:

Thanks for your advice. When I’m applying to regular undergrad schools, the prestige has some weight in my decisions. In BS/DO or BS/MD programs I apply to, prestige really isn’t that important to me because they’re already hard enough to get into.

Hi everyone,

I recently have been admitted to NYIT’s Life Sciences B.S. / Osteopathic Medicine, D.O. program. More than excited on this news, and can’t wait to hopefully practice medicine in 7 years. Just have a couple questions in mind though(specifically directed towards the current undergrads in this BS/DO program):

  1. Is it possible to apply to other medical colleges apart from NYITCOM after having taken the MCAT?(Even though I would be totally fine with following the pre-planned pathway ^_^)
  2. How well am I supposed to do on the MCAT? Is there a benchmark score that if met, qualifies me for acceptance into NYITCOM? Also, is there direct support from NYIT to prepare students for this exam(through per say, exam material and prep coursework)?
  3. How intense are the interviews for NYITCOM, considering I successfully complete all pre-requisities for this BSDO program? I have heard from other forums that it is more of a formality, but I would like to confirm on this.
  4. Are there med-related internship and research opportunities in NYIT that I could be involved in? I am keen on being actively involved in them to kick-start my freshman year at NYIT.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!


You’ll find some answers on this below thread


Could you possibly share your stats from high school since you were accepted? Test scores, gpa, classes, anything would help. Thanks!

Hey I am currently a first year student at the program.
My stats:
GPA 3.8 UW 4.2 W
SAT 1350 ACT 30
AP: Bio-5 Physics-3 CalcAB-4 (i took others but these are the ones that will help, AP chem is also a big help)


  1. Yes you can apply to other med schools but keep in mind you have to take an extra semester of biology so you will not be in the same applicant pool as the other BSDOs in your class. However, you will have priority if you do choose to apply to NYITCOM
  2. The BSDO dean decides the required MCAT score by taking the average MCAT score of the students from the previous year. For my year the score is 507 while last year was 504. I have heard from upperclassmen that you must study on your own because you take the MCAT second year summer and you take classes like biochemistry and organic chemistry in the same year so you must study as the year goes by to stay on track.
  3. Interview is a formality.
  4. Theres many STEM and medicine related clubs. Researching freshman year is a bit tough unless you have connections but you can email any professor to get into their research lab. Keep in mind the coursework is very heavy as you take 18 and then 21 credits first year. GPA is the most important thing in this program.

Side Note: I do not recommend coming here. This school only cares about money. Professors are always changing, less than 1/3 of the class makes it to the end. Also, for the class of 2020 applying, the admission might be tougher because for my year they accepted way too many people and the dean was unhappy. This year she is hand selecting students.

Did you join this program? Can you give some feedback?

Appreciate any feedback about the program (NYIT BS/DO). My D got accepted for the 2020-2021 application cycle (for class starting fall 2021).