In anxiously waiting for college decisions, I noticed that there are numerous posts of people saying they got into the NYIT BS/DO program around December 5th. Thus, I was wondering if anybody knows when decisions come out. I also kinda wanted to see who else is applying…

I am also applying to the program, and also waiting for a response. Have people really already found out about their decisions??

Last year people found out around this time. I have not heard about anyone who found out about their decision yet.

Anybody get their decision yet?

Not yet :(.

do you guys know of they let you know through email or mail?

So i had emailed them last week and they said decisions would come out them, but they haven’t tho so idk what to think about it.

Anybody log into their NYIT portal recently? The portal changed to add a percentage and review application button. Also, in reviewing my application there were a bunch of blanks??? Maybe it has to do with the fact that I submitted via common app???

Yes, I just logged in and it look different. But it is still under review. I emailed them a while ago and they said decisions should come out around the second week of December. I also submitted through common app.

Does anyone happen to know how the stats of people who previously got admitted generally are, and how many people get admitted into the program?

@medgirl2020, by different you mean that the review application button showed different information, right?

@ninjindinh yeah the review app button info and the percentage which shows your application is done.

@medgirl2020 I think I phrased my question wrong lol. Upon clicking the review application button, did u see that there were some blanks and that some information was incorrectly filled in?

@ninjindinh yup, some of the information is certainly wrong and there are a lot of blanks. But it may be like a glitch or maybe it is not updated. I wouldnt worry about it too much.

@medgirl2020 I just emailed them about it. They said that they are aware of the problem and are fixing it.

@medgirl2020 I believe last year they accepted around 100 students, but I am not too sure about the stats.

Does anyone know if there is going to be an interview before the acceptance at this stage ? If the interview is going to be during year 3 (as per their website) then does anyone know what is the acceptance rate from this group being selected now ? Thanks and good luck everyone !!

Any updates?

Sadly no.

When I called the admissions office, they said around early to mid January.