nysmf new york summer music festival

<p>Hi Does anyone have any info on NYSMF at SUNY Oneonta? Interested in the voice program for my 16 year old.</p>

<p>Hi lilac241, I usually just read posts on here to help my d with her college search, but I see you've had no replies to your question, and my d actually went to NYSMF in 2010 for voice. I suppose this is a good time to post something back! From our experience, I would say the vocal end of the program would serve well as an introductory program for someone who hasn't had extensive training, but the fact that they don't audition for entry means there are singers at all different levels. The teacher that my d was assigned for private lessons was more musical theatre than classical, and that wasn't a great fit for her, but she did work very hard while there, saw great performances, had music theory class daily and I would say the instrumental program is very strong. Hope that helps a bit.</p>

<p>My D went to NYSMF for instrumental in 2010 as part of the Flute Institute. She loved the flute institute part, but also said the musical level of the general festival was not as high as she would have liked as a serious musician. </p>

<p>Her only other complaint was that the students were kept on a VERY tight leash literally. She was 17 at the time, and could not go anywhere; and I mean anywhere, even for a run in the morning on the track(across from her dorm) or to a practice room, without being escorted by a counselor. After having spent summers at Greenwood and Kinhaven, where students are given freedom to roam/walk to town as long as they are in groups,she felt a bit overwhelmed by the supervision. While I was there, I talked to a counselor to ask if I could give her permission to go running, but they said that everyone under 18 had to be escorted at all times.</p>

<p>I'm sure this is a good thing for the younger students, but it seemed a bit much for a 17 yo with a driving license.</p>

<p>Agree 100% with Flute1298. S was there too with essentially the same experience. The camp itself is not at fault for keeping an eye on anyone below 18 and the restrictions. There is a "line of sight" law in NY State...Basically they have to place staff over the campus during operating hours so that all the students are able to be seen when walking. They also do plenty of things outside of the classes (trip to a lake, pizza parties etc) to add to the experience. Thumbs up imho.</p>