NYSTEA High School Theater Conference

<p>Has anyone attended this conference in the past or know anything about it? My son has the opportunity to attend with his school drama club. It is in Callicoon NY on Jan 8,9 &10. The brief info I received said that there will be the opportunity to audition for college programs as well as have monologues critiqued. There is also a session about "how to audition for college". If anyone has any past experience with this program or know what colleges will be there for auditions please respond. It sounds to good to be true!!</p>

<p>I have attended this conference on several occasions. I know many folks in the NYSTEA organization. I highly recommend it to anyone in New York that has the opportunity. It is not much about MT - but is a wonderful resource for all those interested in theatre in general. They do have MT offerings from time to time.</p>