NYU 2025 Checklist

Lol, I just applied to NYU bc I REALLLYYYY want to go there, anyways, on the checklist that lists off all the materials such as letters of recommendation and school report, it says ‘Received’ but no green checkmark. I know I’m probably going to sound dumb, but does this mean that these materials were received and just need to be processed, or do they still need to be received and processed? How long does it take for that stuff to update?

I also did not want to include standardized testing, so I picked the option to not include my test scores, and it says Waived but with a grey checkmark next to it,. Does that mean it was waived or that I have to do something else for it to be waived?


Hi, so as someone who was admitted to NYU ED the checklist for me if I remember correctly said received and I think had a green check mark. I know for a fact that the waived test scores thing with the gray check mark is correct because that’s what showed up for me too.

Alright thank you. I’m guessing that it might take a couple days for the checklist to update, since I just applied like last Thursday, but if it doesn’t update in the next couple days I’ll talk to my counselor or the office of admissions. Because on my CommonApp it said that the stuff was submitted, and it does says received on the checklist, just no green checkmark.

Hey, I had the same doubt earlier. Don’t worry if it says “waived” With a grey check instead of green. What it means is that they are satisfied with the grades that you have reported now, but will take your official scores at the end of your high school exams as well, after which it will turn green later in the year. Waived just means they have accepted the scores we’ve submitted now.

Alright thank you!

Same here. Only green check mark on the checklist is for Transcript, and though it lists all the other items included/downloaded in the Counselor area on the Common App with the date, those items don’t have green check mark. I emailed Admissions a few days ago saying I was worried these items didn’t get downloaded, but got back auto-email saying may be a while till they can respond. Did you hear back from anyone on this?

I think it’s fine, because I emailed them a couple days after just to make sure, and they responded two days later and said that only official items will be marked with a green checkmark. It says ‘received’ for my LOR’s and School Report, and a checkmark for my High School Transcripts, so I think I’m fine. Plus the day after I turned in my SRAR, the one person emails said that I’m all set. So as long as it says ‘received’ for the LOR’s and School Report, you’ll be fine.

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I didn’t end up filling the srar, but my school sent the official grades through email and also the trancript through common app, that’s fine tho right? The only thing not filled in my application is the standardized testing part because my school is closed until 18th and they said they’ll sent it in after.

They asked me to fill out the SRAR, and I saw on another discussion post, that they had asked other people to fill out the SRAR. My school counselor sent my official transcripts, and they still asked for my SRAR, so I’m guessing as long as they don’t ask you then you don’t need to do anything.

Yeah,they sent me a mail saying “we have received your courses and grades” And that I don’t need to send anything extra. I guess either one of srar or common app reporting is enough. I’m really nervous about the invites for CW tho, it’s gotten ultra competitive

Excuse my ignorance, what does CW mean. Lol I’m sorry

Candidate weekend, they shorlist students and filter them out, this year it’s online lol

Oh boy…

Dw for rd students it’ll be sometime March but for us ed2 kids it’s on feb 5th and the uni is saying they’ll send it starting late jan which is v late but it’s because of covid. Time to aggressively refresh our emails till feb :joy:

I’m not even stressed anymore, I have to wait like 3 months. Once its late march then I start refreshing my email. Good luck tho, hope everyone here gets in

Does anyone know how to complete the ‘CSS Verification’ on NYU finaid checklist?

No I don’t know how to😬

only for abu dhabi

I can’t access my housing portal and I’ve tried on different devices.
Should I be concerned?