NYU 2025 - ED2 Applicants

Hey guys this should be our little forum for discussion! How are you guys feeling with the deadline coming up?


I’ll go first. My counselor hates me and my IB teachers have changed THREE times over the course of this past year(we currently have three teacher that is not IB certified teaching us) and my gpa is really weak. My essays, ECs and LOR are really strong though. Fingers crossed manifesting this acceptance

which country …if you feel good to share?

I’m in US!

ED2 applicants have the option to choose NYU London as a 2nd choice. Looks like students need to spend 1 year in London before moving back to NYU Campus. Just wondering if anybody has any feed back on London campus. Is it going to be difficult for students coming from rural US towns. Also choosing London increases changes of getting selected ?

Hey I come from a pretty small town myself, and my friend who applied to NYU who is planning to spend her first year on the London Campus had a 3.5 GPA UW and did not have any particular wow factor ECs, NYU is a uni that looks at applicants very holistically, so don’t worry too much about it! I don’t think it would decrease your chances of acceptance at all

Thanks angelaschrute.

hi everyone! for those who have applied to NYUAD: any news regarding CW invitations?


good luck everyone I’m ed2 for tandon!


I’m ED2 for International Relations at CAS, been dying of nervousness since I submitted. Good luck to everyone!

I have a question regarding NYU university campus-based admission. If I am rejected by one campus, is there a chance other universities give me admission?

@Rishi29 only if you listed them as alternative choices.

Yeah, I have made 3 choices.

I’m so nervous. I submitted corrections to my application twice, did anyone else submit any update forms ? I’m afraid they might think of me as unprepared since I made corrections 🥲

■■■■■ im an applicant with ib predicted 38/42 40/45 for econ+maths at CAS

i’m not even sure anymore if i will make in

any thoughts as to when decisions will be released for ED2 this year? Last year it looks like they were released on Thursday, 2/13 at 3:46pm. Are we thinking Thursday, 2/11 this year?

February 16th, don’t know the time though.

Awesome thanks! Although I guess I would have preferred the 11th ; )
Where did you see that it’s the 16th?

Oh - I see it on their website but I guess I wondered if that was the last possible day to hear or if they might release earlier

i submitted one correction to my personal information. I think you should be fine