NYU Admissions

I’ve heard a lot of differing facts about the chances of admission for NYU. Assuming i’d apply early decision, what are my chances generally about admission?
GPA- 3.97 (4.0 scale) 4.4 (5.0 scale)
ACT- 31
6 Honors Classes
AP tests- I’ve taken 7 tests and 8 Classes (A in all of them)

  • Ap Lang: 5
    -Ap Gov: 5
    -Ap French: 4
  • AP psych: 4
  • human geo: 5
  • Prob and Stats: 3
  • Ap Lit: 4

Student council
French Honors Society
Community Service
Summer exchange in France
National qualifier in Technology Student Association
2x National Qualifier in Speech and Debate
2x State qualifier in Speech and Debate
Plus other stuff that I’m sure i’m forgetting

Your stats are pretty good for NYU!

Your stats are definitely better than mine! I guess it all depends on what school you’re applying to. Some schools are portfolio based, while others might look at stats more. Good luck!

Your gpa is very good. Your ACT is in range but slightly towards the lower end (30-34 is middle 50). ECs are decent and ED is definitely a bump at NYU, but with a 15% admit rate, it can’t be a certainty. Will also depend on your essays, teacher recs, what school you apply to. My daughter got in with lower stats than yours but saw classmates with better stats get rejected.

Hey there, I’m a recently admitted NYU student.

I think your stats are great. Mine weren’t as good as yours and I got accepted. NYU admissions are holistic so they really care about essays, etc. So as long as you put a lot of effort into your why NYU essay, I think you will have a great chance!

Hey, did you get in?!

Omg my bad, I thought that this thread was from 2019