NYU and Boston University Chances

All As but one B in Spanish freshman year so like a 3.9 uw
Top 10 percent of class
Two honors fresh soph year (most I could have taken)
Ap Spanish apush and ap eng Lang this year
Next year ap french psych stats and honors Econ
(in terms of advanced classes)</p>


<p>Officer in spanish national honor society
Cross country track
Debate team
Lifeguard over summers
Tutor kids for Spanish 30 minutes every week </p>

<p>Act 31 (34,28,34,26)</p>

<p>Chances? Tell me if u need more information to determine</p>

<p>if you aren't applying to Tisch/College of Fine Arts, you should be fine for both</p>

<p>Strong candidate at both. May not get much aid though as you're not top of pool.</p>

<p>Why not those schools?</p>

<p>because they're audition or portfolio-based. meaning that it's way more of a crapshoot. Boston CFA has about a 10% admissions rate and i believe NYU Tisch is about the same. still worth a shot, becuase a solid academic profile would definitely help you at both schools.</p>