NYU auditions: monologue

<p>I have a dilemma.....i've never monolouged in my life never ever ever. I don't know where to find them i don't know how. I've pieced together something from jekyll and hyde but i don't know where to find anything else that contrasts. I don't even know how to contrast a monolouge. can anyone give me some tips on how to find monolouges?</p>

<p>And another thing i'm looking for an upbeat song....is epiphany from sweeney todd upbeat? no right? I'm looking for a song that'll contrast Johanna from sweeney.</p>

<p>I'm auditioning for tisch</p>

<p>Generally, there are monologue collections sold in bookstores. Maybe they will be near the play section? Just search Amazon or Barnes and Noble if you want to look on the internet.</p>

<p>Ha, I don't think you can find much of an upbeat song in Sweeney Todd. Why don't you try a play that is more lighthearted like Wicked or RENT?</p>

<p>Okay- as far as monologues go; a general rule is never never never never ever do monologues from musicals.
The best way to find your monologues is going to be reading a lot of plays. I would recommend buying the book "I Got In" by Mary Anna Dennard. It'll give you everything you need to know- it's great if you can't afford to hire a coach.
But as far as monologues go- make sure you choose a character you can realistically play and would be likely to be cast as. So don't do a monologue written for a 40 year old black woman if you're a 17 year old white girl.
Know your type.
Don't pick overused material. This might be especially hard if you aren't used to plays and monologues, but for example, don't do the M'Lynn monologue from Steel Magnolias. Not only is it not age appropriate, but it is WAY overdone and your auditors will be sick of it. They want to see something new and fresh.
As far as music goes, I'm not much help, I'm straight acting.
Best of luck to you!!:)</p>

<p>you should go over to the acting and the MT subforums and read through there. Alot of good advice about monologues and songs.</p>