NYU, Berkeley, Texas, Stony Brook, Cornell

<p>Most of the schools I aspire to attend are highly selective so I am looking for some feedback on my chances of acceptance. </p>

<p>Applying for MA or PhD program in Political Science</p>

<p>-Thank You</p>

<p>School: First 2 years, 2 different community colleges... did a lot of drugs and experimented life in ways that I never did in high school since I was on my own for the first time...</p>

<p>Obtained my A.A. in Behavioral and Social Sciences with a GPA of 3.05</p>

<p>University of Hawaii at Hilo: GPA 3.9
National Student Exchange for one semester at Oklahoma State University: GPA 4.0</p>

<p>3.93 last 60 units, 4.0 in last 48 units, 3.97 in Major Classes B.A. Political Science</p>

<p>Extensive commuity service and volunteer experience: Junior year of college joined AmeriCorps and completed a 1 year 300 hour service term in 9 months</p>

<p>Executive Board Member and Public Relations Officer of the biggest community service organization on campus
Executive Board Member and Secretary of University Radio Hawaii (University Radio)</p>

<p>Senior year: Will complete over 300 hours of community service
Have been approved by one of my professors to complete senior thesis before I graduate 2011. </p>

<p>I also want to mention that every summer since i've been in college I worked construction full-time...</p>

<p>So why do you want a MA or PhD? What exactly do you want to study with Poli Sci?</p>

<p>You do know that grad school admissions is totally different than undergrad? Please read the grad admissions 101.</p>

<p>Grad school (PHD) is about working with professors on research and training you to be a scientist/professor. Have you done research? What are your interests? Have you worked on independent projects? Because it looks like you want to go to big name schools, but may not fit into your interests.</p>

<p>Grad school= more about fit with program/professor than name. </p>

<p>Everything you listed may not matter if it does not relate to your grad program.The stuff you listed would fit with a MPA/MPP program. </p>

<p>I think you need to do some reflection and some research.</p>

<p>You know... I have a year left of undergrad work to complete and the only thing that I know for certain is that I want to pursue a career doing research in the area of politics, more so international politics... The subfields that I'm currently interested in studying are comparative politics and international relations. The problem is that, in all honesty, I am still unsure of what I really really want to study in grad school. Yes, I have research experience so that is not the problem... The problem is figuring out what I truly want to study....</p>