NYU Biology: Your Take?

My child has been admitted to NYU. On Albert it says:

Academic Program: College of Arts and Sciences
Academic Plan: Biology
Degree: BA

I have several questions I was hoping folks with experience in NYU CAS could answer:

  1. Does that mean she has already declared a major, or will she have to do so later on (e.g., sophomore year)? If in practice undeclared, how hard is it to get admitted to the Biology major?

  2. How large are the lower-level classes? NYU boasts a 9:1 student-faculty ratio, but I suspect that’s highly skewed.

  3. How competitive are those lower-level classes? NYU seems to have a large pre-med population and they have a reputation (not just at NYU) of being a bit cut-throat in going after the highest possible grades.

  4. How accessible are professors/instructors? Specifically for a) office hours or b) research.

  5. How competitive are NYU Biology graduates (all other things being equal) at top Ph.D. programs?

Many thanks upfront!


If you want answers, you should look in Reddit… Most people on college confidential are just prospective students

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Thank you, @FuriousIvan, that was a very useful pointer.