Nyu Cas Vs Uiuc Las

<p>If you had to choose between NYU CAS and UIUC LAS, which would you choose? My dad's company pays half of the tuition fees of NYU, so the tuition fees of NYU are probably less than those of UIUC.
My major is (mathematics and computer science) for both universities.</p>

<p>From personal experience with UIUC LAS and the Math/CS program as a transfer student, I'd recommend anywhere else.</p>

<p>If you're going in as a freshman, it'll be different for you, but as a transfer student it is organized and administered in such a way as to leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. I'm not kidding when I say that.</p>

<p>And you know a transfer to NYU would feel any different? UI has one of the top CS programs in the world. NYU not so much. Both are good in math.<br>
A UI professor is about to release a new browser that could make GOOGLE out of date. They also invented the first decent browser.</p>

<p>This thread was started on March 21, 200*8*. I doubt the OP is still trying to decide one way or another.</p>

<p>For anyone else trying to decide between NYU and UIUC, there are more recent threads comparing the two schools.</p>