NYU chances are slim or non existent?

<p>Hi guys I am trying to transfer to NYU in the fall 2012. I am international but have pretty good SATs score 1800 and my High school GPA is excellent. But I guess none of that matters now I have already spent 2 years in Ohio U. This year I turn junior so its a foolish decison to try to transfer this late.
Plus my cumulative GPA is down the drain at a 3.1 but my major GPA is 3.5 if it matters? I hope to raise cumulative GPA to 3.6 by winter and transfer to Stern. May be I should trasfer to the college of arts before stern since its highly competetive. I am also trying Boston University and Cornell but cornells maybe too selective. I know its a stupid question but you got any advice? In quite a quagmire here but is NYU inconceivable? am not a quitter.</p>

<p>Stern doesn't accept transfers from other NYU colleges. So you can't apply to the college of Arts and Sciences and then try to transfer to Stern. As for your GPA, I would say a 3.1-3.5 is low for NYU but if if you do raise it you'll be about average. It's definitely not foolish to transfer as a junior. The first two years at NYU are usually just filled with general core studies and then by Junior year is when a major must be decided. Since you've spent two years at Ohio U I don't believe you can apply as an international student anymore--being international certainly gives you an edge since schools are always looking for diverse students. Lastly and without offense, Cornell might be too much of a reach. Unless you have some incredible extracurriculars or persuasive letters of rec. Cornell is highly selective and Ivy league. I hope I helped! :)</p>