NYU Chances?

<p>I am currently a student at a two year college and I am looking at schools that are transfer-friendly. I am looking to transfer Fall '11 and one of the schools I'm looking at is NYU. I just wanted to know if my chances were any good, and if NYU is even possible. Also, what do schools usually look for in transfers and what would better my chances? Any tips and info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks</p>

<p>What school are you looking to transfer into? What are your stats?</p>

<p>Well... NYU, UT Austin, Baylor, UT San Antonio, Penn State, University of Seattle, DBU, Southwestern
Its quite a few, but all the texas schools have already given me a few scholarship offers. Everything out of state (sorry forgot to mention I'm in texas) are just my choice schools.</p>

Former Homeschool Student
Current GPA: 3.95
ACT: 29 (I'm not sure the exact area scores)
President of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
Member of my current school's ambassadors program (lead school tours etc.)
Member of Rotaract society (younger branch of rotary)
need anymore info? just ask</p>

<p>Is money an issue? NYU doesnt give any aid.</p>

<p>I think your best shot is at the Texas schools, your EC's, while good, arent overly impressive; the kind you would need to get into NYU. Of course I could be wrong. What college will you be applying to, CAS, Stern...?</p>

<p>No money is not an issue, just wondering if I had a shot at least.
Plus I don't really want to go to school in Texas.
I'm looking to go to the school of arts and sciences majoring in Politics.</p>

<p>Also, what kind of ECs do you think I would need just to be considered?</p>

<p>Well youve certainly got a shot at CAS. As for EC's, consider doing research with a professor, doing an internship, volunteer, take on more leadership roles on campus etc. You may already be doing some of these, but they will definitely add strength to your application.</p>

<p>A thing to keep in mind with EC's is that it's quality over quantity. Do what you like and be dedicated to it.</p>

<p>In my application to NYU, while I had a ton of community service hours and traditional EC's (sports, art shows, NHS, etc.), I put my college's Harry Potter Club as the most important to me. It might not be the most impressive thing off my list, but it mattered to me and I took it just as seriously, if not more, than all the other EC's I participated in probably because I joined it for my own personal enjoyment, rather than to make an application look impressive.</p>

<p>Your GPA is very good, just remember when applying that you are unique. There is no one else like you in the applicant pool, and if you write from the heart and throw asside all concerns of what you think the college is looking for, you should have a good chance of getting in where you want to go.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice!</p>

<p>I have tons of volunteer hours at my local library, and I actually work in my college's library as a receptionist.
It's also good to hear about assisting a professor, I am currently working for my political science professor.</p>

<p>Just one more question, is it true that diversity is a consideration? I've heard/read that many times about NYU.</p>