NYU Chances.

<p>Hey, I want to see if maybe I still have a chance at getting into NYU even though I messed up acdemically this year. Any input would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>End of the year GPA [including freshman and sophomore year]: 3.5 uw
EC: Winter and Spring sports both years [plan on continuing]
EC: Volunteer: LINK organization, and Princeton Medical Hospital</p>

<p>I have only just finished my sophomore year, if I do well junior year and on my SATs, would I still have a shot at NYU? The reason my GPA is so low is because I got two c+s this year [both in accelerated weighted classes] and a B- in AP US History.</p>

<p>Advice please?</p>

<p>Kind of early to say. Average gpa is 3.63 and average SAT is about 2100, although it will fluctuate depending on what school you are applying to. At the moment I would call it a reach. You do not have a lot of EC's but the ones that you do have are good, so continue to do them and add in some more. Examples would be officer positions in student government, organizations, or clubs, a job, some academic distinction.</p>