NYU Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

I think it’s possible decisions might even be pushed back farther than 4/1, just going off of The Ivy League pushing dates back - and the ivies got much fewer apps than NYU did

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I have practically a zero chance of getting in, but NYU is my dream school with the major I want Communicative Sciences and Disorders. My WGPA is 3.95 with 7 AP and didn’t report test scores. I think I have quality activities/leadership and volunteering, but I know I am up against so so so many with stronger GPA.

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NYU’s standards are also slightly lower (depending on the school). It will likely be easier for them to determine who gets in or who doesn’t than it is for the Ivy League schools. But given the pure amount of apps they might - who knows.

Its nice to see you again lol! Did you apply NYU too?

Hahah yes I did!!! hopefully we have better luck during RD

i think we literally got the same decisions from our schools lol. deferred northeastern, denied villanova, and then i got deferred from umich but i don’t think u applied right

I didn’t apply lol. Can we manifest a NYU acceptance?? It’s my next top one after getting rejected from Villanova. I also wrote a LOCI to Northeastern bc that’s after NYU.

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Are you a girl or guy. Lol.

yes let’s manifestttt. i am a girl

Omg me too. Dorm mates lol

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Anyone here select NYU Shanghai as a campus of interest? Trying to gauge the popularity applications to the school.

yeah i selected it as my second

Perhaps you should have applied ED if it was your dream school? They are more lenient (even if they don’t admit it) during those rounds!

I am not as pessimistic about your chances as you are! Yes, NYU puts the most emphasis on your grades. And yes, your weighted GPA is not super strong. I am curious what your UW GPA is. NYU’s average UW GPA is surprisingly low for its admin rate and emphasis on transcripts, around a 3.7 (though it is likely brought down by Tisch and Steinhardt admits for the arts, since their GPA is significantly less of a factor). What school are you applying to for that major? The expectations of your GPA will vary based on that.

With all that said, there is so much more that factors into their decision than just GPA. Your talent, demonstrated through leadership and awards (and the audition if that is part of your program’s application requirement), also matters a lot to NYU (look at their CDS for reference - the only topics they consider “extremely important” are GPA, course rigor, and talent). They also care a good amount about essays and activities (and scores if you sent them), though less so. Keep your head held high, and don’t count yourself out! You could be exactly what they are looking for the Class of 2025!

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anyone here who can see “no apps available” on their housing portal? Please reply asap

I have Spring 2021 Washington DC.

i’m applying for nyu gallatin, do you think they are as harsh on their applicants as much as stern?

I couldn’t apply EA because I wanted my senior grades in there.
School Applied to: Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development
Major Applied to: Communicative Sciences and Disorders

NYU would consider your senior grades (at least your first quarter) if you applied ED. If you are deferred, they would look at your senior grades (1st semester) anyway, so it is not really much of a difference. Steinhardt is around the middle in terms of selectivity. It is honestly hard to chance you given the lack of information. I would love to learn more about your ECs, UW GPA, demographics/hooks, and course-load, and give you a more informed opinion! Your GPA obviously isn’t ideal, especially for a school that puts so much emphasis on the transcript, but there are many more factors that come into play (unlike an institution like McGill, that essentially solely looks at the transcript and test scores). I hope you get in! No use stressing over it now, we should be hearing back in a month and a half or so!

The waiting is killing me :sob::sob:

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GPA: 4.6 Weighted, 3.9 unweighted (1 Ap, 26 De)
SAT/ACT: didn’t submit one : D
Class Rank: 9/541
School/Major: Tisch/Film
EC’s: I did a lot with my chorus and had leadership positions, translate between Spanish and English, and have 170 hours with working with my schools theatre program

Despite the stats you wouldn’t believe what I can’t get into!

Does anyone know if we should be receiving any updates from NYU (not decisions but like major based because I’m going for an arts major?)