NYU Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Hello! I didn’t see a thread for NYU regular decision so I’m making one here. Feel free to ask questions and give admissions results when they come out :slight_smile:

Class Rank:


GPA; 3.75
SAT/ACT: none, submitted IB Predicted scores
Class Rank: none
School: CAS politics
ECs: Key Club, MUN etc

GPA: 4.0 unweighted
SAT/ACT: None - submitted French Baccalauréat predicted grades
Class Rank: Unknown but probably Top 10%
School/Major: Stern BSc in Business (NY campus), I put CAS Econ as my second choice
ECs: MUNs, volunteering to help migrants, tennis, skiing…

hi all, don’t know if y’all saw but nyu received 100,00+ applicants this year. not sure what this means in terms of competitiveness and the number of applicants they will accept.

It’s going to be even harder to get in. But remember that NYU isn’t going to just accept all of the really high GPA / high test score people despite the amount of applicants. Don’t lose hope


I had posted my stats on the ED thread early on and was accepted to NYU Gallatin so I thought I’d throw in my stats here for context:

GPA: 3.8 (all honors 5 APs)

SAT: 1430 (updated score)

AP scores: 5 exams (Euro, Lang, Bio, Chem, USH)- All 5’s

EC’s- Most community service based like volunteering and a few jobs I had. Major ones were I’m a nationally ranked debater, created a bunch of fundraisers that have raised over $25,000 in total, and tutored a bunch. Was president of 2 clubs at school too.

Good luck!


nice im applying to gallatin as well!

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GPA:( dont really have a gpa system in India but my cgpa in 10th and 12th midterm is 10/10, converted to percentage it is 95%+ )
SAT/ACT: Neither,i submitted nationally acclaimed exam test scores
(CBSE Board)
Class rank: 9 out of class of 90+
School/major: CS or econ
EC’s: Two career based internships, founded a not-for-profit student led org., organized a city marathon for funding rural schools for 3 years, professional dancer in classical kuchupudi , student body president , basketball and kabbadi team captain, other social work,tutored kids science and math.

i dont really have a solid perspective on how strong/weak my application is so check it out and tell me guys lmao.

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You have a pretty strong application all around. though in the end, you never really know. But if I were an admissions counselor I’d accept you so

Hey thanks man, I hope we both get accepted and meet in virtual CW

I hope so lol. Idk if i i’m good enough to be chosen out of 100k applicants but we’ll see!

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I’m gonna pray for both of us to get in :pray:
Did you try contacting the office to find out when they’re sending invites? I sent an email today so they’ll probably respond tomorrow

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What kind of invites

Hey all! I guess I’ll share my basic stuff too.

GPA: ~98 UW (straight A’s, so 4.0), and ~102.5 W
Course-load: All honors and APs in core classes (except reg. senior physics)
SAT/ACT: 1440 (720/720)
Class Rank: Not officially reported, but top 10%
School/Major: Liberal Studies Core (with expressed interest in Steinhardt later, educational policy/politics and/or performance studies)
EC’s: Heavily involved in performing arts (dance, music, and theatre), with distinctions in each of them ranging from state to international. Also involved in educational policy, and have worked with both state and school district leadership to revise and implement school policy to promote student equity and inclusion. Pres. of NHS. Reiki master/teacher. Started and am working on original poetry project in response to COVID-19. (Feel free to check out my profile for more info!)

Good luck to everyone! Hope we all get in! :slight_smile:

do they any decisions out before april? That’s a hella long wait

Decisions are coming out in April this year?

at least thats what it says on the nyu website. I could be wrong

Thanks! I see the April 1st now. They came out on March 30th last year, so I guess not much of a difference.

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There is something significant to consider with these rise in applications. As mentioned in Brown University’s article about the increase in apps, a major cause is likely due to students applying to a LOT more schools than usual (for different reasons: schools becoming TO, students not being able to visit campuses and thus wanting ample options, etc.). Therefore, these schools will probably raise the amount of acceptances to retain their yield. Just some food for thought.

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Yes i completely agree honestly