Nyu/ cornell?

<p>hi i have just graduated from highschool with a 3.9 GPA 1640 on my SAT and have a lot of extra curriculam activities. Im going to Stony Brook but dream school has always been NYU/ Cornell but my parents have always underestimated me. I saw how some friends of mine got in and now i want to transfer. IS it a good idea? If yes what are the requirements for a frshamn transfer?</p>

<p>you don't know how happy "i'm leaving stony brook" threads make me. it's possible. you can't transfer as a freshman to cornell; not sure about nyu. cornell's requirements depend on your prospective major and i would assume that nyu does also. check out their websites.</p>

<p>NYU does not accept second-semester freshmen. The soonest you may apply is for Fall 2011.</p>