NYU dance for a non-dance major

<p>While initially disappointed with LSP vs CAS, my daughter has regained her interest in NYU and the opportunity to have NYC as her campus. Unfortunately, she learned that the dance classes are available for only dance majors. Her dance instructors have told her to seek opportunities to dance in other programs/studios....after all she is in NYC. My question to current or former students is whether or not a student has time and availability to participate in extra curricular activities like dance while attending NYU. The availability and opportunity to continue her dance will be an important part of her decision.</p>

<p>Definitely! There are informal dance classes through the gyms, and dance classes through Tisch that are open to non-Tisch students. Many dance studios offer classes and lessons and I know many people who take dance classes through independent studios. The first few weeks may be too hectic to take dance lessons, what with making friends and all. But after she is used to the rhythm of college life, there is no reason that she would not be able to pursue dance.</p>