NYU Deferred/Waitlisted 2025

Howdy, folks. Welcome to the waitlisted club :slight_smile:


hey :confused: so does anyone know if being waitlisted will put us up against ed2 or rd applicants? like maybe they want to see what ed2 has to offer and then take us off waitlist if they’ve still got some extra space? idk im so confused

I got deferred to ED II and I’m still contemplating sending my forms coz I’m miserably failing my senior year rn and if they see that mid-year report they’re sending me a rejection lol. talking it out w my counselor and parents but I think in the end ill send my forms anyway just to see what happens.

I have been deferred to RD

Is it better to be deferred or waitlisted?

i feel that both are the same! because either way we are being compared to rd/ed2 applicants

Hey guys, I got deferred with the ED 2 applicants. Can we all have an Instagram group or something? My insta ID is nithin__ng with 2 underscores…

It is better to be deferred than waitlisted because wait list means you will be considered if there is any space after accepting the people they want at the end of all cycles… deferred means, you will be considered along with the notified admissions cycle such as ED 2 or RD.

Why did they waitlist so many people so early I don’t understand lol

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do we hv to submit forms to be considered for the deferral? I dont seem to have any forms…

Did everybody else get an email that was reminding them to fill out the waitlist form?

It says “reminder to confirm your interest in NYU…”

Yeah, I already filled it out. It’s really short

Waitlisted for stern ed1

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Does anyone know if ED1 waitlisted ppl have found out if they are accepted on Ivy day in the past?

i was scrolling through last year’s waitlist thread and saw first wave of acceptances on may 6th (there were like 2 people who got decisions around may 1st, but were offered a spot as a spring admit)

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Hey Guys, kinda late here but I was deferred from NYU ED I to ED II, I wasn’t in the last thread but here are my stats:

GPA: 3.96 Unweighted; 4.6 Weighted
4 APs at the time of completing the ED II form: AP Lang, AP Lit, AP Government, AP World History
I submitted my SAT which was SUPER low: 1190 and a 6/8 on the essay
ECs: I have my own website for social justice and change
I am the president of NHS at my high school
I am the treasurer of my American Sign Language Honors Society
I created my own club at my districts public library
Volunteered at the library for 3 years
Volunteered at a church
Babysat and Tutored for 3 years
UPDATES SINCE ED I: I know we had to fill out the form by January 3 (today), just added that they were still my top choice, mentioned that I was promoted in my ASL honors society and had huge recognition by the Deaf community in my state, talked about my community service project with good yield from NHS, mentioned that I was working on a research project and even got a massive shout out from their top professor in my desired major (politics at CAS), which I mentioned in the form. I also talked about how I had a virtual program launched at my library to help those who aren’t too technologically inclined during these times. I have really good grades this semester and will be ready to submit my midterm report by late January. I think I have high demonstrated interest and they’ve been reciprocating for the most part since my freshman year.

NYU only defers 5% of students, not too sure about waitlist but I do know that deferred kids have a bit of a better shot. Does anyone know what kind of shape I’m/ we’re in?

Hi guys, IB student here waitlisted from ED1. Seems there are another 5 months to wait anyway, let’s just see what happens…

what were your ib scores and stats if you dont mind me asking?

No problem, but there really isn’t much to say. I’m a international student in Asia, I have predicted 38/45 and TOEFL iBT 113. Had never got a chance to take the SAT, so I didn’t submit anything. Well my activities are also quite limited. btw I was applying for Tandon, major undeclared