NYU Deferred/Waitlisted 2025

My NYU Global Home is fully active and my housing application is allowing me to choose Washington DC for Summer. Does this mean anything?

I think everyone is allowed to do this.

Everyone is able to choose washington dc? Damn.

do u guys think they will send out more acceptances tomorrow?

possibly! just be patient, it’ll all work out (:


does anyone know the order of schools they usually release decisions or is it all random

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I think it’s pretty random.
Last year, many started releasing decisions on May 6th if I’m right.

They started early this time

Yes but very few got an update. I think the biggest waves will be coming soon.


oof may 6 reminds me of april 6 (ivy day)


jk let’s be positive!!

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Haha yeah it’s so hard to wait, but don’t worry we’ll get there soon!

But 72 hours is too less to decide

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True, it’s really hard to make a decision in less than 3 days but NYU is looking for people that really want to attend. If NYU is your dream school, 72 hours is more than enough to make a decision. But yeah if you’re unsure it’s not the most comfortable situation.


So damn right

I am just worried about the financial aid

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If they cannot offer me any aid, I probably won’t attend

Hey, has anyone here tried the NYU Albert financial aid indicator trick? Apparently, it is the only true indicator

All info regarding it can be found here: //https://nyulocal.com/breaking-down-the-college-confidential-myths-1e9e6ac1e7c5
(remove the ‘//’ in front of the ‘https’ to access the link)

Hi guys im wondering since I had new updates on my acomplishments as listed, is it okay that I sent in another one of the waitlist forms including the new details?

yes! they encourage you to do that