NYU deposit help!

<p>Hi :)
I got accepted into NYU college of nursing
and NYU did not mention a deposit when I got the acceptance letter over the mail.
So does this mean that I dont have to pay it?
If I do have to pay it, why didnt they mention it in the letter?</p>

<p>For all of you the got accepted, did you just randomly send in the $500 deposit to NYU, or did they ask for it?</p>

<p>Your admissions letter should have taken you here:</p>

<p>Critical</a> Instructions</p>

<p>it did take me there, and I accepted admission into NYU but it never prompted me to pay the deposit, so what should I do?</p>

<p>Look at number 4.</p>

The housing depoist--does the deposit apply to your total cost of housing...I know thats how some schools do it.
Also, the $1000 does it count just towards housing...or is part of it for tuition or something as well? I remember like last year or something I was looking at the NYU website and I could have sworn the housing deposit was 600$ or somethng and 400 for something else...I think tution. Dont remember.
Can anyone enlighten me?</p>