NYU- Dramatic Writing, Print Journalism and Acting

<p>These are all my interests/passions. I have been acting since 6 and I love it. I prefer film acting though. I would love to write my own TV Shows/movies. I know that I would have to be accepted at Tisch first and then I could double major with journalism. I was thinking I could just double major with acting and journalism and get an MFA in dramatic writing. I did like Tisch Asia for later on, would it be easier if I would have graduated from NYU? I am planning on going to Bard College at Simon's Rock for the first two years though. It's an early college and people have transferred to NYU from there. Could I still double major and if I did this I know I couldn't go to Stonestreet? Could I still graduate in two years? I would like to do some arts journalism or some reporting. Is this possible and any advice? I have heard mixed things about NYU's journalism program. Thank you:)</p>