NYU drug scene?

<p>Ok I've heard mixed things about NYU's drug scene, and I was hoping/wondering if someone could enlighten me as to what it's like at NYU? I HATE cigarettes, and drugs in general and I want to make sure I'm mentally prepared. Also when do we find out whether or not we have been finally accepted i.e. not rescinded. I may get a C in Calc BC and I'm scared ****less. Sorry for the off-topic second half it was just really bothering me.</p>

<p>You won't get rescinded unless you start to fail multiple courses, so don't worry about that. All colleges have drugs and a lot of college kids smoke, probably more so in NYC but it's not a majority or anything. Standing in front of Bobst library are always a lot of smokers and the walls kind of trap it there but other than that there isn't really a smoke prevalent area.</p>

<p>You're not the smart! I know a kid on lots of drugs who is pulling an A in BC Calc.</p>

<p>Reality check: a lot of people smoke in Manhattan. It's just the lifestyle. So yeah, you'll encounter smokers, not just at NYU, but in NYC in general. Hell, I smoked cigarettes for about a year and a half, and then quit after my semester in Paris (lol). It's easy enough to avoid other drugs, but don't fool yourself into thinking you will never encounter cigarettes in Manhattan. I would avoid Weinstein Hall for housing, if I were you: the steps are a popular spot for smokers.</p>

<p>everywhere I go, there are always smokers somewhere</p>

<p>If you are concerned about the drug scene, why don't you consider living on a "Choices" floor - which are specifically for kids that don't do drugs or drink. You can select it on your housing application.</p>


<p>If such a floor exists, does that mean that every other floor in every other dorm is designated for kids that do, in fact, do drugs and drink? ;)</p>

<p>^No, it is just a committment to keep everything smoke and drug free.</p>

<p>I get that, milkandsugar, but I mean, alcohol and drugs are prohibited on ALL floors, so it's like, "you're not allowed to drink or smoke ANYWHERE in the dorms, but ESPECIALLY on these floors?" I agree that it's a bit of a silly concept :)</p>

<p>^ Not really, because they're being realistic. Most college students drink and many do drugs as well. So if you're particularly against drinking/drugs, or maybe if you have some medical condition where you shouldn't be around that, the substance-free floors are a good fit. It's not that everyone is drinking or smoking in the other floors, but many are.</p>

<p>Also in upperclassmen dorms people are allowed to drink if they're of age. Except there's a rule that you can't drink alcohol in the same room as a minor or something (I'm 19 - my RA said this to my 21 year old suitemates last semester).</p>

<p>Lots of people smoke cigarettes in NYC and at NYU (especially in front of Bobst and Weinstein as has been pointed out). Some people smoke weed as well, but not the majority.</p>


<p>Obviously not. CHOICES floors are for people who DO NOT want to be around drugs or alcohol OR THEIR CONSEQUENCES at all. So what if people don't drink IN the dorm? They come back at 3am, bombed and talking loudly and throwing up. Smokers come back smelling like smoke. People who do CHOICES are often people with severe asthma (so they won't be around smoke), people who choose not to engage in drinking or drugs no matter what their age or even people who want to be in an environment where they won't be pressured by roommates. I don't think it's silly at all. ResEd is committed to Choices, they're very, very, very strict about violations. I'm just trying to defend the program and give an honest perspective.</p>

<p>There are not just drugs at NYU. There are good drugs. Mmmmm Diesel yum yum yum! :)</p>

<p>NuclearPakistan!, you're a bad boy.</p>

<p>Miss American Pie, I understand. I meant my question to be tongue-in-cheek.</p>

<p>Not that I smoke, but is it legal in Manhattan? I know that here in Colorado, California, and other states, smoking is banned in public places. Is that one other difference between the Choices floors and other floors?</p>

<p>Smoking cigarettes is banned in all buildings but it's legal in public places.</p>

<p>Sorry if I went off on you, my friend had a bad experience with her Choices roommate and ResEd had to kick the roommate out. I'm just a little sensitive when people rag on the program, so my bad!</p>

<p>No worries, Miss American Pie. I've actually been lurking around reading your other posts on here, and I've found your insight to be very helpful.</p>