Nyu early decision i conditional or non- conditional?

<p>Hi there!</p>

<p>I was wondering if I apply to NYU next year, and I get accepted via Early Decision i ; are the ED offers conditional or non-conditional? Is there a certain grade average that you expect us to maintain until we graduate, or are there no conditions? And also, if these conditions are not met, will we be revoked of acceptance? </p>


<p>Hi. :)
I'm guessing you are an international student...?
For American universities, all acceptances are unconditional and, if ED, it means you are DEFINITELY going to attend (it's binding, the only way you can get out of it is if you feel that the financial aid award is not sufficient).
I'm not sure exactly what it is but you do need to have above a certain GPA to graduate .
There are no conditions so, unless, g-d forbid, your acceptance was an error, your acceptance will never be revoked (or unless you engage in some sort of behavior that they feel is worthy of the revoking of an acceptance such as your grades worsening).</p>

<p>I hope that helped! Feel free to ask any more questions.</p>

<p>okay wow thanks so much! :)
and yes i am an international student, I'm from canada :)</p>

<p>another question: if I get accepted for Early Decision I, will my school still have to send updated marks later on in the year? because for Canadian universities, they send your marks to the universities 2 times (when you apply, and February)! are american universities the same??</p>

<p>thanks so much!! :) i really appreciate it!</p>

<p>Yes, your school will be expected to send your midterm and final grades, and an acceptance can be revoked for slipping grades, but they'd have to really slip.</p>

Thank you for the sharing! I am having a really similar problem right now. I just got ED offer from NYU Tisch but right now my Stats class is really going down a lot, if I continue doing this there is a big chance I am going to fail this class and my other class average is all above A. If I drop this class, does it really matter to the school so that there is a chance I am going to be revoked of acceptance?

@OwenZZZ , if you are accepted ED and want to drop a class after that, you should clear it with your AO first. If you are maintaining your other grades and it’s just this one slipping, it’s unlikely to be an issue, and my understanding is nyu would rather see you complete the classes they admitted you with. They definitely should not find out after the fact.