NYU ED 2 // Class of 2024

Howdy yall! If you are here, you are most likely considering NYU as your second choice, since you most likely got rejected/going to get rejected from your first choice. Welcome to the official NYU ED 2 open forum. Let’s make this a ‘MEGA’ forum ;))

To kick things off, my stats are a 3.58 uw GPA, and a 1350 super-scored SAT (620,730).

I got deferred from Cornell.

Does anyone know if our chances are lowered as compared to ED 1?

Welcome everyone!! Good luck!

How do you know that you are deferred from Cornell?

My program SHA notified me tonight

My program SHA notified me tonight

Are you thinking of applying to NYU CAS?

I’ve been thinking of applying ED2 to NYU, does anyone happen to know much about CS or CS + Econ under CAS? I was going to apply to Stern but I realized IB and Wall Street (Stern’s main specialty) was not where I want to end up. I believe a CS and Econ degree will benefit me more, I’ve heard great things about Courant.

thinking about applying ed 2 to nyu sps , cornell sha reject but now i have like no hope in myself

What will you do if you get accepted by Cornell during RD and NYU ED2?

@Flow2620 ED decisions are binding. They will have to withdraw the Cornell application if offered a place ED2 at NYU. This is why people should only apply ED if they are absolutely sure they want to go there.
ED2 decisions will come out well before Ivy Day, and the deadline for accepting the offer/paying deposit will be well before then as well. The commitment or backing out (only allowed for financial reasons) to NYU will be made before they will know what RD decisions are.

can someone chance me for Steinhardt nutrition major ed2? 3.7 GPA (my school does not weight honors classes, but I have taken 5 honors as well as five APs), overall upward trend with almost all As last year. did a summer program at Steinhardt two summers ago for music. visited campus twice, and my essays are good. very strong recs, great relationships with the teachers who wrote them. very strong and consistent ECs, (4 year tour guide, peer tutor, varsity athlete/captain with numerous awards, academic awards, 4 years of MUN, and others). 29 on act, 1270 sat (this is definitely my weak point). dual citizen of USA and Finland.

NYU has been my dream school since ninth grade. I would have applied ED1 but I wanted to get my scores up.

Go for it!! Your ACT is definitely higher so use that. 3.7 is pretty solid. NYU loves to see demonstrated interest, so be sure to provide them that :stuck_out_tongue:

ED2 is not too different (in terms of acceptance rates) than RD. If you aren’t 100% sure, don’t ED2.

Is NYU Steinhardt really that much easier than CAS?

If I get accepted to Cornell RD, I will laugh. The schools are basically in the same ballpark, but Cornell is much more of a crapshoot, so if I get in,… wow…

im applying ED2 also. I wanted to do ED1 but I want my senior grades to go in! But my SAT is so low I feel like I have 0 chance of getting in.

What is the SAT?

It’s actually so embarrassing…but an 1190. I just can’t take tests like that, I have anxiety and it literally freaks me out. The first time I took the SAT I was so scared I got a nosebleed. And i’m so much better than my score but oh well. But I didn’t include any excuses to the Admissions people because I don’t want them to think I’m just trying to justify it. I just hope they give me a chance?

Hi! I’m currently really considering Steinhardt for global public health, but I don’t know if I should RD or ED2. I’m an Asian female, 1400 SAT (Waiting for my ACT score from dec), and have a 3.8 uw/4.5 w gpa. Can someone chance me? The only thing stopping me from EDing is the cost… NYU doesn’t offer good financial aid. :frowning:

We just switched from RD to ED2, for anyone thinking of doing it, it’s very easy. Within 24 hrs they emailed his guidance counselor letting her know and reminded us that it’s binding. It gave us the opportunity to reach out and respond to an actual person which was great. NYU is a big reach for my son, with a 92 GPA and 1320 SAT. But he took three classes there as a high school student and did the summer program as well, so here’s hoping demonstrated interest counts for something! I’ll let you know!