NYU ED I Chances 2025


I know it’s a bit early, but I was wondering if it was worth it to ED I to NYU CAS. I’m a prospective CompSci Major, and have good scores, but a relatively mediocre GPA. If it’s an important factor, I’d be paying full tuition with no aid.

My Stats:
8 APs(U.S. Gov, Comp Gov, Micro Econ, Macro Econ, AP Lit, AP Lang, AP CompSci A, AP CompSci Principles)
3.95 GPA(weighted)
1530 SAT(might be slightly higher after retake)
ECs: VP of Programming Club, VP of Young Republicans(this might be a red flag for NYU), member of Model UN, and Econ Club, paid employment as a private programming tutor and at a tech camp.
Awards: Outstanding Delegate at a prestigious MUN Conference, Group Champion for Federal Reserve Challege(Liberty Street), CyberPatriot 2nd Best in State(gold and silver teams)

Personal Factors:
Asperger’s Syndrome(which caused problems during first semester of junior year)
Attend a well regarded high school in metro NYC
Dad is Indian, mom is white(I don’t think this helps)
Parents are college educated and well-off(so not first generation)

Demonstrated Interest: Visited NYU in February, and attended virtual infosession at my school.

I don’t mean for this to sound obnoxious, and this is a completely geniune question. As such, I would appreciate sincere answers based off of previous admit rates for ED I students. If there’s anything missing from this post that could help determine my chances, please let me know.

Thank you,


What is your unweighted GPA? Your application seems like it should be competitive based on what you’ve posted. (What is your highest math class? 4 years of lab science?) CAS has a single digit admit rate overall, higher (unknown how much exactly) in ED; if you are sure it’s your top choice then ED makes the most sense.

NYU has needblind admissions for domestic applicants so being full pay is not relevant to admissions. It also does not discriminate on politics, so being in Young Republicans is not a negative (there is a republican society on campus).

@SJ2727 My unweighted GPA IIRC is around a 3.4-3.6. I’m in almost entirely AP/Honors classes, and my GPA has been on an upward trend. The highest math I will have completed by graduation is Calculus, and I have taken four years of lab science at the Honors level. I’ve also taken 3 years of Latin(I transferred from a private school that did not offer foreign language in 10th grade). My SAT split is a 790 verbal, 740 math, although I’m hoping to bring my math up to about 750-770. I appreciate your reply.

Ok, the unweighted is as you guessed a little soft for NYU, and your current SAT math is a little below the median, likely more so for CS. That said, if it’s your number one choice, it’s still going to be your best option.

Hi! If you’re worried about stats then put a lot of work into your essays. Also, you can definitely opt out of submitting scores this year.

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hey, did you get in? how’d it go ? did you apply ed 1 or ed2

I applied ED1 and was rejected.

That surprises me. I would not expect someone of your “caliber” (I hate using that term but it’s for lack of a better one) to get fully rejected in ED. I would expect the reasons are your weaker UW GPA (NYU REALLY emphasizes GPA), and perhaps the lack of a spike in your EC’s. I doubt that you got rejected because of the Young Republicans thing (although NYU is a VERY liberal campus as you know, and thus might not have been a great fit for you anyway). Also, you didn’t talk about your essays. They might have tipped the scale for or against you depending on their quality.

However, you seem like a good candidate for excellent schools in the RD round. Best of luck!