NYU ED II. Chance! Will return the favor!

<p>I'm a first generation female to go to college in my family. NYU has always been my dream since I was a child and I am a rising senior in my high school and have applied under early decision. I would like to know my chances. I would appreciate it greatly.
I have a 3.8 GPA.
Act: 26</p>

<p>Varsity swimmer for 4 years
Varsity water polo for 2 years. Culinary team member for three years.
Culinary captain my senior year, as we advance to nationals.
Culinary competition winners 2nd and 4th in state the past two years.
I participated in the Duke TIP program.
I was an alumni for NYLF. Where i spent a week in DC meeting legislators and congressmen. Also I was nominated for Governors Honors Program, GLobal Youth Leadership Conference in China, and National Youth Leadership Forum for Medical students at Emory University. All are academic programs to further your knowledge and challenge yourself further than your normal high school curriculum.
I started a branch of Heart for Africa at my school and I have been the president for two years.
I am also Vice president of Model UNited Nations where we compete in conferences at UGA and Georgia Tech.
I'm a member of Beta club, Latin honors society, and the technical honors society.
I am also the member of the Latin club.
I have been volunteering as a medical football assistant for 3 years for our high school football team and have studied and learned under the team doctor/physical therapist. </p>

<p>I am an AP scholar and have taken the maximum amount of AP classes that my school allows. I will have finished with 10 AP courses and an average of 4/5s on all of them. My senior schedule is a full schedule with 5 APs, continuing culinary so I can compete at nationals this year, and continuing my 3rd year of Latin. </p>

<p>My AP classes consist of:
AP Human Geography
AP Language
AP World History
AP United States History
AP Literature and Competition
AP Biology
AP Macro Economics
AP Micro Economics
AP Government
AP Psychology </p>

<p>I am also on a research group for student website development for the HEFG. It is an organization that is in charge of all culinary and hospitality academic changes in Georgia and the south east region.</p>

<p>I have almost 1,000 hours of community service, and will have over a 1,000 by the end of my senior year.
I have doubled the amount of sciences and language/English requirements that are required by my high school.
I also have a couple of recommendation options which consist of my chef mentor who has watched my passion grow for the sciences as we will move onto nationals this year, a teacher which has been with me for 4 years, and a couple more that I think will help show my passion for sciences and my focus and determination to be the best at what I want to do. Your recommendation on my chances would be greatly appreciated and I will chance you back!</p>

<p>Is your GPA weighted or UW?</p>

<p>Id say besides your ACT score, you have a super good chance (depending on the school you applied to.) Your ECs are excellent and you've taken a ridiculous amount of APs! And on top of all that, you'll be a first generation college student. I think you should be in and good luck!</p>

<p>It's weighted. I also take night classes, which I took on this semester: AP Environmental, AP Psychology, and AP European History. I'm really concerned I won't get in, being a first generation I don't have much experience. And I'll settle for LSP but I'd end up doing CAS my second year.</p>

<p>Hmm both GPA and ACT are kinda low then... But I still like your chances! And LSP is nothing to sweat about, I know someone who did LSP and got 7 offers out of NYU (ended up at Steinhardt.) Now, 4 years out of college, he's earning 150k a year. LSP means nothing!</p>

<p>I have severe testing anxiety. Which sucks majorly. So you think I can actually get in to LSP? And that sounds awesome!</p>

<p>I'm going to disagree with the above poster. </p>

<p>The bottom 25% of ACT scores at NYU is 29. The average unweighted GPA is an A-. </p>

<p>You have an about average GPA, but a WAY below average ACT. </p>

<p>Grade Average: A-
SAT Critical Reading (middle 50%): 630-730
SAT Math (middle 50%): 650-750
SAT Writing (middle 50%): 660-750
ACT with Writing (middle 50%): 29-31
Percent of Students with Rankings: 29%
Top Tenth of Class: 77%
Top Quarter of Class: 96% </p>

<p>You're going to need to bring your ACT to a MINIMUM of around 28. Right now, you fall well below the 25% for NYU because your ACT is considerably lower than the 25%. The general consensus is that to have at least some chance of getting in, you need to meet the 25% of the school in the question, which for NYU would be an A- average and a 29 ACT. To have very good chances you would need to have an A/A- average with a 31 ACT. Remember, NYU gets more competitive each year, as NYU gets more and more applications every year.</p>

<p>On the other hand, NYU is test flexible. If you score a mix of 4s and 5s on your AP tests, you should send those instead of the ACT.</p>

<p>My average is 4/5's on all my tests. I sent those information. And I think that shows that I retain the information, I just have really bad testing anxiety.</p>

<p>And isn't there a possibility that there are people who attend NYU that scored a 26 on their ACT?</p>

<p>In Tisch, maybe. In CAS, Stern, Steinhardt? Unless they run their own business and worked on curing AIDS in Africa, I doubt it. A 26 ACT is very low for any top school. Your GPA is somewhat below average, and your ACT scores are very low. Which places you below the 25% of NYU - meaning your chances are very low. </p>

<p>You're a rising senior, so this is your junior year, yes?</p>

<p>That means you haven't applied yet.</p>

<p>So... NYU doesn't require the ACT or SAT in all cases. NYU is "text flexible"; namely:</p>

<p>"To be eligible for admission, applicants are expected to submit results from one of the following testing options:</p>

<p>The SAT Reasoning Test; or
The ACT (with Writing Test); or
Three SAT Subject Test scores; or
Three AP exam scores; or
The International Baccalaureate Diploma; or
Three IB higher-level exam scores (if you are not an IB Diploma candidate); or
Students may instead elect to submit results from a nationally accredited exam that is considered locally to signify the completion of secondary education and is administered independently of the student’s school.</p>

<p>Note: SAT Subject Test, AP, or IB scores (for students not submitting an IB diploma) must be submitted in the form of: one in literature or the humanities; one in math or science; and one test of the student's choice in any subject. In addition, students who apply to the Stern School of Business need to be aware that in order to satisfy the math/science testing requirement, students who choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores must provide a score from a mathematics examination."</p>

<p>If you've taken AP tests in a humanity, a math/science and any other subject, I would recommend sending in those scores rather than the ACT. If you haven't already taken three AP exams to fulfill this requirement, I would recommend studying for the ACT and taking it again or trying the SAT. Sometimes people do much better on one than the other.</p>

<p>I'm a senior, like the title says, I've already applied ED II. There's not enough time for me to retake the ACT, however I've taken all the AP Tests in Social Studies, and a lot of other subjects. I'm taking 8 AP tests this year alone. Which I'll probably score 4/5's in all of those exams.</p>

<p>Hali- using the term "rising senior" was where the confusion occurred. That is usually used when a Junior has finished their year but not yet started Senior year. You are a full fledged senior.</p>

<p>If you sent your AP scores- I would guess NYU will use those. I think based on your EC's/first in family they will want you but you have to have given your rep the ammo to make the case for overlooking your ACT score and mid-gpa.</p>

<p>Gotcha. Sorry for the confusion. Hopefully they will over look my ACT. I think my application speaks for itself about my passion and commitment. I had three teacher recommendations and an essay essay about the shadowing I did at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, my volunteering at the funeral home, and my practice as an assistant medic. Hopefully they'll see more to me than just my scores.</p>


<p>I believe NYU is one of the schools that will look through everything you have to offer. They do not just look at your scores and reject. Although I am sure NYU2013 is very knowledgable about the admissions, he/she do make it seem like the only thing that really matters to AO is grades/Test scores which is entirely not true.</p>

<p>Thanks for your input! I really appreciate it.</p>

<p>NYU is likely the most stats based top school in the country - i.e. it is likely the least holistic in its review process. Which is why I've been saying your ACT is really going to hurt you. If you've sent in your AP scores, so long as you've sent in 3 AP scores with one in a humanity, one in math/science and one in another subject of your choice, they should discard your ACT score. However, if your ACT score is still consideration, it's going to substantially hurt your chances as it puts you way below the 25% of NYU students overall. </p>

<p>Anyway, decisions comes out in 2 days, please do post if you got in.</p>